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  • 5 Tips on Eating Naturally and Organically on a Budget

    Go organic without breaking your budget.
    by Martine De Luna .
  • organic produceEating as naturally as possible will not only guarantee you the best of health, it’ll also be kinder on your wallet! By making small shifts in the way we feed our families, we can afford to eat better with our budgets, and give our family the benefit of natural and organic foods. Here are some wise spending tips on how to get on the road to better eating:

    1. Bulk-buy as often as you can on natural and organic goods.
    Bulk-buying can be a saving grace. Stores like S&R and similar price-club types and various supermarket chains like SM Hypermart and Shopwise have started selling natural or organic bulk items. Stock up on organic broths and stocks, organic canned tomatoes, organic rice, beans and legumes and pastas. These have long shelf lives and are cheaper to buy in bulk rather than buying a little of everything for a week at a time.

    Bulk-buying also helps you trim down on other expenses! For one, you’ll make less trips to the grocery store (that’s gas savings!). You’ll be less likely to buy non-essentials, such as that pack of Cheetos or a crate of Coke. As you get used to bulk-buying, you’ll find that you’ll skip over many of the aisles!

    2. Know what to buy organically.
    If you’ve not tried getting your organic vegetables and fruits from your local farmers' market, you’re likely spending more on grocery-store organics. With the emergence of weekend farmer’s markets all over town, there’s usually a weekend farmer’s market within a 20-mile radius! But aside from buying from local farmers, knowing which produce items to buy organically can make a difference in your overall food bill.

    The Environmental Working Group has found that the following fruits and vegetables contain the highest levels and amount of pesticides. It is these you should consider purchasing organically:

    Bell peppers

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