• Here's How You Can Make 6 Different Meals From One Big Pot of Adobo

    This Pinoy dish has even more up its sleeve.
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Here's How You Can Make 6 Different Meals From One Big Pot of Adobo
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  • Adobo is always a crowd favorite. Thanks to its high acid content, at room temperature, adobo can last two to three days. Refrigerate it and you get indefinite shelf life. Plus, adobo does get better with time. So why not make an extra large batch of adobo that you can use for different meals all throughout the week?

    1. Crispy Adobo Flakes
    It's awesome with fried egg and rice, or as a sandwich filling.



    2. Adoburrito

    You won't even need to pack utensils when you have this for baon.


    3. Lumpiang Adobo

    Add some crunch by mixing up with some veggies and making rolls.

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    4. Adobo Sa Gata

    The simple addition of coconut milk makes the dish creamy, and adds another layer of flavor.



    5. Chicken Adobo Tacos

    Add a few more ingredients and all you have to do is assemble for a great meal.


    6. Adobo Pulled Pork
    It's just like making crispy adobo flakes, minus one step. Dredge it in even more adobo sauce to amp up the flavor.


    Adobo just keeps getting better and better. As is, it's good to go, but it can go even further. So save yourself the trouble this week and plan ahead with one big pot of adobo made during the weekend!


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