• Meal Plan for the Week: Transform Roast Chicken Into 5 Different Dishes!

    Make easy dishes for the rest of the week!
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    Here's an idea you need to try: make a big batch of roast chicken on the weekend and transform it into 5 different meals throughout the week!

    While the chicken is roasting, you can roast your veggies right there as well! You've instantly taken the chunk out of prepping time for the rest of the week to prepare healthy and delicious meals.

    You can keep your cooked chicken in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, but you can keep it for way longer in a freezer at 0 degrees Celsius. To minimize freezer burn, it's key to get as much air out of the plastic bag. You can either vacuum seal ziplock or do something easier! Place your leftovers in the ziplock bag and insert a straw into the bag. Close the bag except for the small partition around your straw and suck the air out as much as you can before taking the straw out and completely sealing it.

    Roast Chicken Recipes

    1. Assemble Your Deli Chicken Sandwich + Potato Salad

    With a chicken that's already tasty, all that's left to do is assemble! Slice up your chicken to go with a good loaf of bread, (we recommend sourdough!) and some fresh veggies. If you're on your fifth dish and your chicken may be a little on the dry side, rehydrate with barbecue sauce when you use it for a pulled chicken sandwich.

    When it comes to prepping your potato salad, it's usually boiling the potatoes that takes a chunk of the time. With your potatoes cooked, seasoning is a breeze.



    Roast Chicken Recipes

    2. Throw-Together Quiche

    Instead of using ham or bacon, you can use chunks of your flavorful roasted chicken for your quiche. Make mini quiches that will be great for your lunch box, especially if you have a pantry to toast or microwave it.

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    Roast Chicken Recipes

    3. Fuss-Free Frittata

    You can skip a whole bunch of steps with nearly everything precooked. If you recently made leche flan, you can also purely use your leftover egg whites for this recipe.


    Roast Chicken Recipes

    4. Hearty Chunky Soup

    Who says soup can't be filling? With a whole lot of vegetables and meat, soup can be really satisfying. Another alternative is to mix it up with some condensed mushroom soup and quickly, easily transform your leftover roasts.


    Roast Chicken Recipes

    5. Unbelievably Easy Chicken Pot Pie

    All you need to add in is some sauce to your diced chicken and veggies, then a mashed potato cover, and you're set. Instead of instant mashed potato, you can mash your roasted potatoes and just a little bit of seasoning. Not into mashed potatoes? You can make chicken pastel instead!


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