WATCH: We Challenged This Dad To Cook His Child’s Favorite Food And Here’s What Happened

Can he do it in 20 minutes? Let's find out!

The kitchen is usually the mom’s domain, where she whips up all kinds of delicious and nutritious meals for the whole family.

But for one afternoon, mom-of-one Bianca Cordova let her husband Joel take over for a fun challenge: to make their 5-year-old daughter Alexandria Simone’s favorite dish, baked carbonara, in just 20 minutes!

Joel had to follow these three simple steps: cook the sauce with cream, ground beef, and other ingredients; boil the pasta; and top the finished dish with grated cheese before baking it in the oven. To make it extra special, he sprinkled bacon bits on the carbonara just before serving.

With Bianca to guide and cheer him on, how did Joel fare? Watch this video to find out:

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