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  • Check Out These Baby Food Recipes by Marian, Jennica and More

    Find kitchen inspiration in these celeb moms who love to cook!
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
Check Out These Baby Food Recipes by Marian, Jennica and More
PHOTO BY Marian Rivera/Facebook; @jennicauytingco/Instagram
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  • Without a doubt, trying to cook for the family can be a challenge, especially if your kids are madaling magsawa. To provide you with kitchen inspiration, here are celeb moms and the recipes they've shared on their social media accounts and blogs. They've made all of these for their own loved ones. We've got our fingers crossed yours will enjoy these too!

    For babies
    Note: Make sure the recipe is appropriate for your child’s age and solids stage. Find a guide on starting on solids here.

    Marian Rivera’s Chicken and Papaya with Spinach

    Marian Rivera shared a simple recipe she loves to cook for 1-year-old cutie, Baby Zia. Marian posts a lot of her food creations on an Instagram account dedicated to her dishes, but it was during an episode of lifestyle show, Sarap Diva, where she divulged a few details of her process. 

    For one, the chicken stock used is made from scratch, consisting of chicken meat, celery, carrots and onions. But, you can also opt to use ready-made, store-bought stock, says the Kapuso Primetime Queen. Marian also likes to use vegetables in her baby recipes. “Gusto ko sanayin yung anak ko na mahilig kumain ng vegetables. Kasi ako, sa lola ko, nahiligan ko talagang kumain ng vegetables,” she told host Regine Velasquez.

    You’ll need
    chicken stock
    chicken bits
    papaya, chopped
    spinach, chopped

    Simply place all ingredients in a pot over heat. Serve. 

    Amanda Griffin’s all-veggie recipe

    Here’s a smart tip from celeb mom-of-three Amanda Griffin-Jacob: “Make big batches and then freeze them in portioned containers. This way, when you're busy, you can just heat up a portion for your baby.” The recipe below is one she shared in Smart Parenting magazine, May 2013 issue. It makes three to six servings depending on your baby's age. 

    “As parents it is essential that we provide a healthy foundation for our children’s development and this starts with nutritious, whole foods. Whenever possible I buy organic (food that is grown without artificial pesticides and chemicals),” says Amanda about baby food on her blog. If you want more recipes from her, she’s already posted quite a few there. 

    What you'll need
    1 teaspoon olive oil
    1 large carrot, peeled
    1 sweet potato, peeled
    3 tablespoon peas, frozen
    2 tablespoon corn kernels
    8 tablespoon distilled water 

    Recipe instructions can be found here

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    For toddlers

    Jennica Garcia’s snacks and tea

    Actress and mom to Mori, Jennica tries her best to choose the safest and healthiest food for her tot. “I’m the type of mom who easily gets guilty when I give food that is not meant to nourish the body and just meant to fill the stomach,” she writes in her blog. “Because of this, I decided to be creative and purposely think of ways on how I can prepare healthy snacks with very little time.”

    All the ingredients in this recipe -- it only takes 15 minutes to prepare -- are all organic. In a nutshell, Jennica’s recipe involves boiling fresh veggies, and making tea with the water the ingredients were boiled. As organic food tend to be pricier and harder to find, you also buy your ingredients at the palengke. Just make sure you peel everything before boiling, says Jennica. 

    You'll need
    3 organic bananas
    3 cups of hot water
    1 organic corn/purple corn
    1 free-range and organic egg
    1 organic carrot
    organic cinnamon powder (optional)

    Recipe instructions can be found here

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    For the rest of the family

    Neri Naig's quick and easy shrimp recipe

    We must say, every time we visit Neri's Instagram, we can't help but be impressed! She runs a home-based business, has decorated a small cottage, works the garden, and cooks and bakes -- all while breastfeeding and being hands-on with Baby Miggy. Lucky for us, she's shared a few of her favorite recipes on her account, including a really easy shrimp dish.

    Aside from posting recipes on her Instagram, Neri has her own recipe videos over on Youtube too. As of writing, she's already uploaded videos of her cooking binagoongan, peri peri chicken, pasta and more. 

    You'll need

    shrimp, hilabos

    Recipe instructions can be found here

    Happy cooking!

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