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  • Noche Buena on a Budget: A Holiday Feast for Less Than P1,500!

    Shopping for and cooking Noche Buena doesn't need to be expensive.
    by Team .
Noche Buena on a Budget: A Holiday Feast for Less Than P1,500!
PHOTO BY Patrick Martires
  • Christmas is 23 days away, and proactive mommies like us definitely need to start thinking about what special meal to serve for Noche Buena—within a reasonable budget, of course!

    This meal plan uses simple ingredients that, when put together, can truly create a feast the whole family will enjoy. Best of all, you will only have to spend around P1,000, too. Happy cooking!


    Appetizer: Tomato and Feta Cheese Bites

    Making a party-worthy appetizer couldn't be easier! Simply place roasted tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese on top of your favorite crackers.

    Total Cost: P134.75

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    Side Dish: Chicken Macaroni Salad

    This is a Christmas classic! You can save on prep time by purchasing roast chicken at the grocery, then shredding for the salad.

    Total Cost: P237.00



    Side Dish: Baked Ratatouille

    The reality of this fancy-looking and fancy-sounding dish is's just chopped-up veggies! Source them from your local markets to get them at cheaper prices.

    Total Cost: P129.90

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    Main Dish: Roast Pork Loin

    Pork is significantly cheaper than beef, but can produce excellent and indulgent results when it comes to flavor and the overall quality of the dish. Why not go for roast pork instead of roast beef this Christmas?


    Total Cost: P380.15


    Dessert: Buko Pandan

    Save money by making your own buko gelatin from scratch. It's super easy! From there, all you need to do is mix together a few ingredients and you'll have a delicious dessert in no time.

    Total Cost: P133.25


    Overall estimated cost of dinner for 6 to 8 people: P1,015.05

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