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  • The 3 Benefits of a Good Breakfast

    Introducing your child to good food choices helps them develop healthy eating habits.
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  • Moms, do you realize that breakfast is probably the hardest meal to plan? That’s because how the day of our children turns out depends on the first meal of the day. It’s tricky because the food always has to be flavorful, nutritious, and easy to prepare, but there’s one thing that ticks all three checkboxes: whole grain breakfast cereal.

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    Whole grain breakfast cereal is not a sugary treat, like it’s often mistaken as. Here’s a list of benefits that your children can get from having cereals for breakfast:

    1. Packed with nutrition
    Whole grain breakfast cereals are a good source of fiber and other important nutrients.  It helps jumpstart their metabolism and make them feel full longer.

    2. Keeps kids fit for school
    A boost of energy is another benefit of eating whole grain breakfast cereals. It can supply your kids with enough energy to help them concentrate on their schoolwork. It’s FUEL for SCHOOL!

    3. Encourages good eating
    Giving your kids good food at an early age lets them form good eating habits. And since whole grain breakfast cereals can be mixed with almost anything, such as fruits, your kids will learn how to love milk and fruits, as well.


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    When you think about it, planning your breakfast isn’t that difficult now, is it? All it takes is making the right choices when going to the supermarket and, of course, adding a few packs of whole grain breakfast cereals to your shopping cart.


    NESTLÉ BREAKFAST CEREALS are delicious and nutritious whole grain breakfast cereals such as KOKO KRUNCH, HONEY STARS, COOKIE CRISP, and MILO!

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