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  • It was one of those rainy Sundays, those weekenders that make you just want to curl up in bed, then order pizza to go with the movie you rented, wind down and charge up for another hectic week. The sun may have backed off a bit, but not on me.


    Struck with Mexican Inspiration

    Mexican food
    As a staunch proponent of “active rest”, I took a brisk walk with my 23-month-old son Brayden to a nearby grocery and decided to prepare a mini fiesta for my family and two helpers. I didn’t exactly have anything planned Special Ops style, but I did know one thing, Basic Mexican cuisine is easy to make, and whole lot of fun to dive into.  

    All the elements for an alternative to dialing a five digit number for your family lunch or dinner, or heading out to a restaurant. Plus, it’s a good thing for children to “help out” in the selection process at the supermarket.  

    Trip to the Market: Doubles as Bonding Time
    I felt good showing my son where the stuff I get comes from, short of taking him to a farm and picking vegetables, and looking at cows…wait. Brayden was having a good laugh as I made funny faces with the tomatoes we picked together, as I was a running commentary on colors, shapes and food groups. After that, he watched from a good distance as I chopped, diced, stirred, mixed and prepared the ingredients, while having a hand at mixing the salsa with his Mommy’s help, as well as sorting the lettuce and cheese.

    Kids in the Kitchen
    Later, when everything was ready and done, our small family sat down to customize our meals, and kids really love making their own food!  The freedom it grants makes them feel in charge, that with the fact that they actually witnessed the entire process makes them appreciate family meals and the values of unity and gratitude.  Through this one simple meal, we had not only filled our bellies but also our hearts, as it was a great opportunity to bond and be genuinely grateful for each other.



    Click here to see the grocery list and recipes Robert prepared for their Mexican feast.

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