• Weekend Recipe: Buko Pandan Popsicles
  • With the heat index rising by the day, all we want to do is to stay in one (airconditioned) corner and cool down with a cold drink or something similar.

    Turn the all-time favorite buko pandan into a creamy, icy treat that will delightfully surprise your kids, they'll surely ask for more!

    Makes 15 mini popsicles

    Here's what you'll need: 
    1 (100-gram) box pandan-flavored gelatin
    Meat and juice from 2 coconuts
    1 (250-ml) pack all-purpose cream
    ¾ cup condensed milk

    Make it!

    . Prepare gelatin according to package directions. Once set, slice into small cubes and set aside.

    2 Combine the meat and juice from coconuts, all-purpose cream, and condensed milk in a blender; process until well combined.

    3 Pour coconut mixture into popsicle molds and add gelatin cubes. Freeze overnight.

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