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  • Weekend Recipe: Coffee Kahlua and Malt Ice Cream Pie

    There's always room for dessert!
Weekend Recipe: Coffee Kahlua and Malt Ice Cream Pie
  • The holiday festivities is upon us! After accomplishing your to-do tasks—buying and wrapping gifts, arranging schedules, determining your Christmas and New Year menus, and more (the list never ends in busy times like this, righ?)—don't forget to take stock and indulge.

    There's always room for dessert and this one guarantees an extra bang, just enough to ease your nerves! It's also a good treat to bring to potluck parties!


    Serves 4
    Prep time 40 minutes, plus 12 hours freezing time


    Here's what you'll need:

    8 pieces chocolate sandwich cookies, filling removed and cookies crushed into fine crumbs
    1/4 cup melted butter
    2 pints cappuccino, coffee, or mocha ice cream
    3 tablespoons Kahlua or any coffee-flavored liqueur
    1 1/4 cups chocolate malt balls, divided
    whipped cream for topping
    chocolate syrup for topping

    Make it!

    1 Cover the bottom of a round 6x3-inch removable-bottom pan with aluminum foil, and line the sides with plastic wrap. In a bowl, mix cookie crumbs and butter. Press crumbs ont to the bottom of the pan. Cover in aluminum foil and freeze for 4 hours.


    2 When cookie crust is ready, remove ice cream from the freezer and let stand for 15 minutes until softened. Transfer to a large bowl and mix with Kahlua and 1 cup chocolate malt balls. Fill crust with ice cream mixture. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze for 8 hours or until set.

    3 When ready to serve, transfer pie to a platter and top with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and remaining chocolate malt balls. Serve immediately. 


    Photography by Patrick Martires. Styling by Rachelle Santos.



    This story originally appeared on Yummy.ph. Find more holidays recipes here.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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