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  • Why Yogurt is Good for You

    You only live once, so if you’re gonna snack, snack on something that is both delicious and healthy!
    by Kate Adajar .
  • yogurtFood trends come and go pretty quickly, but it seems that a few of these trends tend to have better longevity than the others and practically outlive the fickle caprices of the buying public. Such is the case of frozen yogurt, more fondly known as “fro-yo.” This frozen dessert, dished up much like soft serve ice cream, is available in different flavors and crowned with an assortment of toppings. With so much room for innovation and reinvention, one can expect the fro-yo fad to stay for a while.

    Numerous fro-yo shops have already sprung up all over the local dessert scene, but a few years after the first cup of frozen yogurt was served in the Philippines, people still continue to flock to their favorite outlets. So what exactly makes this treat stand out?

    “Frozen yogurt is a good alternative for ice cream,” explains nutritionist-dietitian Patrick Ian Catindig. “It contains low-fat milk with an average of one to two percent fat, while ice cream has high-fat milk (and cream) with at least 10 to 16 percent fat.” Even regular yogurt made with whole milk only has about 3.25 percent fat, significantly lower than most ice cream products. But while it is true that the fat content makes a huge difference for health-conscious consumers, fro-yo’s significant appeal still comes down to its probiotic content. The treat, after all, is made from milk cultured with beneficial microorganisms.

    Catindig says, “Yogurt contains live bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium, which act as probiotics. They help in maintaining the normal flora of the digestive system for healthy digestion and in minimizing the risk of pathogenic infections.”

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    He also adds that yogurt contains vitamins and essential minerals, including high amounts of calcium, riboflavin, iodine and phosphorus. Other nutrients include vitamin B5, vitamin B12, potassium and zinc, which all help in maintaining normal body functions.

    Given the health benefits, it is understandable why yogurt junkies bill their favorite dessert as a healthy snacking option and a wholesome treat even for kids.

    Some restaurants in town have also joined the bandwagon and started adding items like yogurt cakes and yogurt drinks to their menu. Coming up with unique flavors and concoctions is their way to outdo each other. Conversely, some people shun frozen yogurt and restaurant inventions and prefer their yogurt the old-fashioned way.


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