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  • “Amazing Grace” Series: Rejoicing in our Blessings

    Two moms who have personally experienced God’s miracles in their lives share their stories to be a blessing to others.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
  • woman prayingToday marks one of the happiest and most glorious feasts in the Christian world - Jesus is risen, Alleluia! As we celebrate and look forward to the next 49 days of Easter (yes, the Easter season is 50 days long) let’s choose to  have a deeper relationship with God, by being more prayerful and counting our blessings daily.


    I came to know 40 year-old Abby Sasscer, devoted wife to Larry and homeschooling motherto Mia, 11, Ian, 7,  and Elisa, 5, because we also homeschool. I was surprised to discover that she is also the author of the e-book Simplifying Your Domestic Church.

    Mommy Abby shares her  near-death experience with us in the hope that others may be blessed by her story, and come to know that death is not something to be feared — because there really is a life after it — the best, most beautiful life of all!

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    During my pregnancy with my third child, I knew something didn't feel right. I was sicker than usual, gained a lot of weight and was showing unusual symptoms, compared to my previous pregnancies. Thankfully though, when it came time for me to give birth, there were no complications. However, when my baby turned six months old, I was still having some of the symptoms I had when I was pregnant (fatigue and hives). Doctors said that it was probably due to extreme hormonal changes after pregnancy.


    On the first week of November 2007, I started complaining of pain on my side and difficulty breathing. I wanted to make sure that everything was okay so I went to the hospital. After several tests, I was discharged. 


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