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  • “Amazing Grace” Series: The Greater Scheme of Things

    Sometimes, life throws us into the most unexpected and painful situations, which may not be how we planned it. When we let God reveal to us His Grand Plan, we realize how there can be beauty in pain.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
  • woman long hairToday, Good Friday, Christians all over the world (and even many non-Christians) recall and ponder upon the painful events leading up to the crucifixion and death of Jesus. We are blessed because we know the true ending to that story — that, on the third day, Jesus rose again, and conquered death and sin forever.


    (Note: This inspirational article is reprinted with permission from the blog of Maybelle Bangayan-Ti, http://mmmamahugs.blogspot.com/. It was originally posted in February of 2010 and has been edited and updated chronologically for the purpose of this article. Maybelle, 35 years old, currently works part time as a content writer/marketing consultant for My Father's House, a home for abandoned children. She is happily married to Ken, with whom she has two children: Sophie, 6, and Gavin, 2 years old.) 

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    We all have big hopes and dreams for our future when we’re young. Back in high school, I remember clearly telling my classmates I would never choose to be “just” a housewife. Yet, as the time came for us to apply for college, I had no idea what course I wanted and what career I’d definitely pursue for the rest of my life. In the end, I decided, “I will be a research analyst who will be respected in the financial world.” It was a career I knew my parents would be proud of. 


    Little did I realize then that it was not what I really wanted. I graduated from college with hardly any passion for my course. I slowly sought to discover other facets of who I was. With my degree in Applied Economics (dropping my double major in Finance), I chose to be — to the surprise of many — a full-time mission worker for my Catholic community instead. The choice seemed perfect for me as something in me had always longed to help shepherd and mentor people.

    Even with the heart of a mission worker, I dreamed big. I sought ways to go into business and still be a source of light to the people who would work for me. I had this notion that my parents would be proud if I went into business, and I realized that going into social entrepreneurship would allow me to do that and still fulfill my dream of making a difference in the world.   



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