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  • “Amazing Grace” Series: There is Joy Beyond Our Sorrow

    This is the third part of our Amazing Grace series of articles for Holy Week.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
  • hand braceletsBlack Saturday, or Holy Saturday, is a time for “joyful grieving” – grieving, because we commemorate Jesus’ death on Good Friday yet joyful because we know that Easter is just a day away.

    Today, we remember, too, our loved ones who are gone, and pray that they are enjoying their time in God’s presence in heaven, because of the glory of Christ’s Resurrection. We also take time to be inspired by the stories of two moms who experienced death in their families, yet chose to move on in faith and grace, believing that their loved ones had gone to a better place.

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    Vlelyn Ang, a homemaker in her 30s, is mom to five-year-old Patrick. She shares how she and her family bore the loss of her mother to cancer, and how they moved on from it:

    In 2002, I accompanied my mom for a check up in Manila because we suspected that there was something wrong with her. She had previously experienced rectal bleeding and had collapsed twice. Doctors in the province couldn't pinpoint the problem. 

    Mom was asked to get some tests and undergo a colonoscopy, and that was how it was found out that she had colon cancer. The whole family was shocked, but we never lost hope. She was advised to undergo an operation of the big intestine and chemotherapy, and we were hopeful that she would get better and live to see her grandchildren. Sadly, this was not to be.

    Since I was her assistant and nurse at the time, I witnessed firsthand when she was in pain. It was tough, because I had to put up a front that everything would be all right, even though I was weeping inside. 
    I couldn’t bear to see Mom suffer - undergoing chemotherapy is no joke. She felt sick and weak most of the time. We tried our best to cheer her up, which lifted her spirits and made her determined to get well. 


    Mom put up a good fight. Finally, after two years of battling with cancer, my mom passed away. 


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