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  • Halloween“Trick or treat!” I once heard hollered out my gate back when I wasn’t yet a father, or even remotely close to being one. But yet, I bought the candy (it’s always never enough, right?) and prepared myself for an early evening of little monsters of all shapes, sizes, with their parents or yayas watching mirthfully from a safe distance, possibly hoping to sneak a piece or two of candy from the timeless plastic pumpkin buckets.  

    I emerged out of my living room dressed in an oddly loose fitting Superman costume, looking like the man of steel went completely gangsta’ and proceeded to hand out toothsome treats to waiting hands.  Utterly satisfying, as I remember my dear mother and I walking along the neighborhood doing the exact same thing, many, but not too many years ago. She’d hold my hand and make sure I was crossing the streets right, calibrating my costume every block or so. Then she’d give me a knowing smile and say “The peppermint ones are mine, okay?”
    So Halloween is here, and it’s time for a new generation of ghouls to roam around in search for dental nightmares, but remembering a few things from my mother that made sure I was always alright, as well as a few my wife and I have made a point of doing for my two-year-old son, Brayden; here are a few guidelines to make sure all goes well during this time with your family. And for everyone’s sake, I’m not going out as Edward Cullen!  (Jasper maybe?)

    Ten Sensible Tips
    1. If you are not personally bringing your child to the Halloween activities, make sure that the yaya or guardian has a fully charged cell phone battery, ample load, and has had enough rest the night before.

    2. October in the Philippines brings unpredictable rain showers, so an extra umbrella or small rain coat wouldn’t hurt if your plans are outdoors.



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