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  • 10 Movies You Can Watch With Your Kids This Halloween

    Spend a spooky night this October 31st and bond with the kids with these kid-friendly film picks.
    by Julian Vorpal .
  • Of all the movie nights you can have, without a doubt, the one that is most fun is Halloween night! Gathering the brood and buddies together on the couch with tubs of microwave popcorn and bags of chichirya, having the lights turned down low and losing yourself to the whole creepy ambiance of it all is a tradition for many families.  But on this night, let the kids stay up to watch with you.  Here are ten kid-friendly suggestions that will even have you and your spouse hanging at the edge of your seat or rolling on the floor.  


    1. The Mummy (1999)

    The Mummy

    This rollicking Indiana Jones-esque 1940s adventure of tomb raiding and ancient undead monsters is still the best one of the lot (the second is mildly forgivable but don’t bother wasting time on the third).

    Starring Brendan Frasier as treasure hunter Rick O’Connell and a pre-Oscar Rachel Weisz as combat librarian Evy Carnahan, the couple accidentally disturb the tomb of the cursed high priest Imhotep (perennial bad guy Arnold Vosloo), that results in the mummy seeking to exact vengeance on them and their team.


    Why kids will like it: Chases through the desert, gunfights, swashbuckling action, Egyptian sepulchers and a desiccated, immortal magical mummy after your tail – all the makings of a good time.

    However what makes this flick a winner is snappy dialogue.  John Hannah and Kevin J. O’Connor are hilarious as Jonathan Carnahan (Evy’s party loving brother) and Beni Gabor (Rick’s goofy rival) respectively.

    Most memorable scene: Some of the funniest scenes are when Frasier and O’Connor are tossing barbs with each other, but the scariest moments are all about Arnold terminating the members of Rick and Evy’s expedition like a certain governator, except with more prejudice and less of an Austrian accent.


    2. Ghostbusters (1984)


    Who ya gonna call?  Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, that’s who – this comic trio play goofball parapsychologists who study occult from a purely scientific point of view.  The partners eventually devise a way to start a unique business by taking on the supernatural with out-of-this-world gadgetry and nerdy flair.  Things start getting more interesting for the trio when the supernatural in New York City decide to cut loose and bring about the End of Life As We Know It.

    Recommended Videos

    Why kids will like it: Hi-jinx, humor and horror, this movie has it all!  This is old-school Saturday Night Live at its best without all the profanity.  

    There is a reason why this movie and its subpar sequel spawned a few Saturday morning cartoons in the 1990s.

    Most memorable scene: Catchy dialogue occurs all throughout the movie but some of the coolest, wackiest scenes happen towards the end when the Big Apple finds itself invaded by the forces of Gozer the Gozarian.  You will never see marshmallows the same way ever again.

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