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  • 10 Picks from our Goodie Bag: Electronic Educational Toys

    Get ready for a whole lotta movin’, dancin’ and learnin’ with these cool electronic educational gadgets for your kiddo!
    by Stephanie F. Esguerra .
  • Leapfrog “My Own Leaptop”

    My Own Leaptop

    Born in the 80s, electronic gadgets for kids were the crème de la crème during my childhood. I remember this particular toy, the Speak & Spell by Texas Instruments, which helped me and my siblings master the alphabet and learn basic mathematical skills. It was, for lack of a better term, “the bomb” back then.


    Nowadays, laptops for kids are the norm, and if you’re getting one, you might as well get one of the best, like the Leaptop from educational toy company Leapfrog. It received the Toy of the Year Award (TOTY) in 2011 for its creative functions. Your tot can create his own playlist, e-mail a family member, start his own blog and learn his ABCs!

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    Available for P1999.75 at Toy Kingdom


    Leapfrog “Leap Pad 2 Explorer”

    Leap Pad 2 Explorer


    I grew up surrounded my books. In fact, I can still remember my mom reading storybooks to us even when we still couldn’t speak! Probably why we siblings love reading. I love how today’s gadgets are a one-stop shop when it comes to learning department. Leapfrog’s Leap Pad 2 Explorer has over 325 learning games plus a wide selection of music, books, videos! And just like a regular tablet, it has a dual-facing camera, pre-installed apps, and a 4GB built-in memory.

    Available for P7,999.75 at Toy Kingdom


    Redbox Play and Learn Electronic Apple

    Electronic Apple


    I remember when a balikbayan tita gifted me with a Little Mermaid electronic storybook. I could touch certain words with a stylus and play certain sounds at particular parts! It totally brought the tale to a whole new level.

    These days, toys engage children with highly interactive toys that build the foundation of their learning, from speech, grammar, spelling, even motor skills. This cute gizmo from Red Box lets your child approach his learning on a page to page basis. It has flashing buttons and games that develops your child’s familiarity with the alphabet, shapes and numbers.

    Available for P999.75 at Toy Kingdom

    iTouch Pet 

    iTouch Pet


    It was the 80s, and we were one of the few privileged families who had a robot in the house. Yes, an actual robot! I believe it was the Nintendo Rob, and we could play video games with it and it would move around the house. If you’re looking for a counterpart today, the iTouch Pet comes close. It’s like a live pet, because if you touch certain parts of its body, it produces certain reactions. It plays games, plays music, and is perfect if you have a baby that is just beginning to crawl or walk. 

    Available for P599.75 at Toy Kingdom


    Playskool Poppin’ Park Elefun’ Busy Ball Popper

    Poppin' Park Elefun' Busy Ball Popper


    Just last weekend, I hit the mall, looking for a possible present for a nephew getting baptized. And if there’s one thing that would make me invest in an expensive toy, it would be one that stimulates various developmental skills while growing up with the child. And this toy takes the cake. Aside from its adorable elephant design, it’s adjustable according to your child’s age. With a simple twist of its trunk, it’ll pop balls in a different way that’s best for your kiddo.

    Available for P1999.75 at Toy Kingdom


    Sesame Street Steps to School “Ernie’s Alphabet Notepad”

    Ernie's Alphabet Notepad


    I grew up with the Sesame Street TV series, and I even had several volumes from its book series. If your child doesn’t seem to be interested in reading books or singing the ABC, then maybe he’d like Ernie’s Alphabet Notepad, a cute calculator-looking gadget that guides him through the whole process of learning his ABCs. It helps develop letter recognition as well as early reading skills.

    Available for P1499.75 at Toy Kingdom


    Bright Starts “Roll & Chase Bumble Bee”

    Roll & Chase Bumble Bee


    I don’t remember ever being a sporty child. Alas, my siblings and I didn’t even get to properly learn how to ride a bike because we only got to try toy vehicles with at least three wheels. But maybe if we had the Roll & Chase Bumble Bee from Bright Starts, we might have become even more coordinated. This unique (and totally cute!) toy lets babies months old to interact with it, pushing buttons and listening to different songs while they chase after it.

    Available for P1399.75 at Toy Kingdom


    Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Bathtime Bongos

    Bathtime Bongos


    My cousin developed a clever way to keep her son distracted and having fun while taking a bath. Yes, it’s something we look forward to doing each day, but kiddos on the other hand would rather play and watch TV, of course. My cousin lets him draw on the bathroom tiles using washable crayons.

    In the same manner, the Bathtime Bongos from Fisher-Price keeps your child busy while soaking up the suds while developing a knack for music and playing an instrument.

    Available for P1599.75 at Toy Kingdom


    Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn “Puppy’s Animal Friends”

    Puppy's Animal Friends


    Back in kindergarten, my school would arranged a field trip to Manila Zoo. To lil’ three-year-old me, that was such a memorable time in my life. I got to see the towering giraffes, crazy monkeys and other animals I would read about in books.

    If your child has a love for animals and the outdoors, then he or she will surely adore this educational toy from Fisher-Price. It familiarizes him with animals, the different sounds they make, shapes, colors and so much more.

    Available for P1299.75 at Toy Kingdom


    BKids Musical TV

    BKids Musical TV


    I’ll never forget this toy we had back in the ‘80s. It would show a set of images seamlessly and continuously, just like a regular television set. That’s why I had to smile when I saw this toy in the store. It was just like it, but with more modern features and functions. It’s small and lightweight enough to carry along to play dates and it also comes with a clock for your child to also learn how to tell the time.

    Available for P499.75 at Toy Kingdom


    Photos by Mark Jesalva

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