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  • 10 Reasons Why Play Is Good for Your Child

    We list down some of the benefits of play time for your child’s development and wellbeing.
  • twins playingIt’s one of any child’s rights. Play is part and parcel of a happy childhood and it’s a more multi-faceted aspect of their development than we may think. Education experts have even established centers and specialized programs just to maximize the learning potential kids can derive from play, whether through games, music, or puzzles. Even conferences and campaigns are ongoing just to create awareness on the importance of play in child development. In fact, studies even show that play is actually a way for your child to “prepare their brains for the challenges of adulthood.”

    With the advent of handheld video game consoles and other gadgets, the old definition of play seems to be becoming a rarer and rarer encounter for a growing number of children. Experts say that old-fashioned play, free playtime that is, is rapidly losing ground because of “today’s plugged in, overscheduled kids.”

    Which is why we want to remind you why plain’ ol’ playtime can be the simplest way for your chilld’s development. Here are just a few of the many benefits your kid gets through play:

    1.    It helps him assert his independence. Even as early as his infant years, letting your child have some solo play time helps him practice a sense of autonomy, as this allows him to experience his environment as he pleases.

    2.    “It’s the time your baby can learn and explore at his own pace—without pressure from grownups,” says Dr. Padua-Bautista, internist and family doctor. Playing provides an opportunity for kids to freely interact with their surroundings.



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