11 Laundry Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

And what you should be doing instead.

You may think you're a pro when it comes to doing your family's laundry. After all, you've been doing it for years now. But has there been a time when you encountered certain laundry issues, such as finding a hole in your favorite blouse? Or, maybe, you've noticed that the washing machine now takes longer to dry your clothes? Believe it or not, you might be doing something wrong.

Take note as we run through some of the common laundry mistakes and the quick fixes to solve each of them.

1. Not prepping the clothes before washing them

Inspect all of your clothes before loading them into the washer tub. Check for pieces of paper or coins left inside the pockets. You should also look for rips and stains, which may spread onto other clothes.

2. Not using a washing machine properly

Even if you own a heavy-duty washing machine, take the time to schedule regular maintenance checks to keep it in its best condition.

3. Just sorting the lights and darks

While it’s a given that whites should be separated from the dark-colored clothes, keep in mind that the types of fabric also matter. Segregate your delicates from clothes with thick or tough fabrics, like sweaters or jeans. The washing requirements of these fabrics also differ, so mixing them together might do more harm than good.

4. Not zipping up clothes all the way

Make sure to zip up your clothes properly. Loose zippers can snag delicate clothing and leave scratch marks on the washer. For shirts with buttons, it's better to unbutton before putting them in the washer to avoid stressing buttonholes.

5. Using too much detergent

Putting a lot of detergent creates excess suds that gather in hard-to-wash areas, such as the collar and around armholes, leading to bacteria build-up. Too much detergent can also cause the colors of your clothes to fade over time. To distribute detergent properly and to make sure the washing process is more effective: Put clothes in first, add water, and, finally, add the detergent.

6. Scrubbing stains too vigorously

Stubborn stains can be frustrating to remove, and some people tend to scrub too vigorously when washing stained clothes. Do it the proper way by dabbing a detergent solution on the stain and working on it from the outside in.

7. Not following the care labels

The care labels of your clothes will tell you the proper way of taking care of them. These tags will tell you that items made of silk and linen should be hand-washed, while leather, suede, and structured pieces like blazers should be dry-cleaned.

8. Overfilling the washing machine

Clothes need to have enough room to move around the washer tub so they can be washed thoroughly. Loading more than your machine's capacity can leave your clothes with white streak marks. Conversely, if you’re putting only a couple of items in the tub, make sure to choose the gentle wash-and-spin action.

9. Leaving the lint filter dirty

If it takes more than an hour for a load of clothes to dry completely, it’s a sign that your washing machine is due for cleaning. There are a couple of things you can do to make sure your machine is running efficiently. First, wash or wipe the lint filter every laundry cycle. Then, clean the hose at the back of the dryer using a brush and detergent.

10. Washing clothes too often

Not all clothes need to be washed after every use, which means you need to prioritize which items need to be washed right away. With proper care, denim jeans can be worn three times before they need to be washed. You can spot-clean them for stains, or hang them up immediately after use to prevent any unwanted smell.

11. Not using fabric conditioner

Some people think that using fabric conditioner is unnecessary and time-consuming. Luckily, there are detergents that have fabric conditioner, such as Surf Powder with FabCon, which can simplify laundry time. Not only does it help clean clothes, it also helps prevent dirt from coming back. The fabric conditioner also helps get rid of the musty smell, or kulob, keeping the clothes smelling good with a long-lasting scent you’ll love.

Your family's clothes need a lot of care, so make sure they’re clean and smelling fresh all day by avoiding these mistakes and using the right detergent.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Surf.