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  • 17 Undemanding Ways to Declutter Your House This Weekend

    You need to be in a ruthless mindset to be consistently organized.
    by Nini D. Falcon .
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    We constantly look for better ways to have an organized home. We buy boxes, pouches, shelves, and hooks to keep things in order. Yet we find ourselves in the same rut time after time. 

    If there’s one rule about keeping clutter to a minimum, it’s curbing the impulse to buy. Give it a day or two and maybe even ask yourself: will I survive the next day without it? Almost always the answer will be a yes, and your overflowing closet will thank you for it. Or it can also be as simple as this: If something is not on your to-buy list, then don’t buy. 

    Here’s a few simple steps to get your home basking in clutter-free glory.  



    1. Toss out bathroom products you have not used in the past six months especially skincare products. Get rid of rusty nail clippers, tweezers, and razors, too. 
    2. Keep toiletry and cosmetic duplicates in a pouch or a traveling bag so you can easily grab them when you’re ready to go.  
    3. Keep your daily grooming arsenals in bins and group them according to use like this:

    • Shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and soaps  
    • Powders, deodorants, body sprays
    • Lotions and oils 
    • Razors and tweezers  

    4. Keep consumable items like cotton balls and swabs in clear containers. They make your counter space look neater and know to know if you need to replenish. 
    5. What shouldn’t be in the bathroom is your medicine cabinet. It is the worst place to store medicine because of the humidity and moisture. Your medicine cabinet, which can really be just a bin or even tray, must be placed in a cool, dark, and dry area that is out of a child’s reach. Regularly check your medicine cabinet’s contents every six months to take note of the ones that are about to expire.  

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    6. Organize important documents in clear books so you can get a quick glimpse at a flip. It helps if you color code them accordingly.  
    7. Reuse your sandwich spread jars to store paper clips, magnets, tacks and rubber bands.  
    8. Maximize those rubber bands. Use it to secure loose supplies like paint brushes and pens and pencils, keep enveloped documents together, tame ear phones or charger cables, and keep ribbons, yarns and strings from unspooling.  
    9. Install hooks and clips with magnets by the side or inside your working table as drop spots for hand bags or keys.  
    10. Use Velcro straps to manage cables from electrical appliances to desktop computers and printers. Don’t forget to label the end of each electrical plug with a post-it label pad with the appliance’s name.  


    11. Keep your spices in small Lazy Susans so you don’t have to dig it out of your cupboard—or forget it altogether. You also maximize your cupboard space this way. 
    12. If you have enough ceiling height, hang your pots and pans in S hooks from an installed rod from your ceiling.
    13. A multi-purpose rolling cart can serve as an extra counter and storage area.
    14. Install a white board on a visible bare side of a cabinet so you can easily list down things you need to buy or ingredients you need to prepare for a dish you’ll cook.  
    15. Hang wired planters or mesh baskets in a dry corner of your kitchen to hold fruits.  
    16. Hang an old tissue box holder vertically and use it as bin for your used plastic grocery bags.    
    17. Repurpose an old magazine rack holder to keep baking sheets and aluminum foils.

    Nini D. Falcon is an interior designer by profession who also does production design and prop styling for editorial and commercial work. She is happily married to an IT guy, and their common passion is their two children.  

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