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  • 20 Mom-Tested Tips to a Healthier Family

    By doing a few changes in your routine, you and your family can get into shape this new year!
    by Angela Sy . Published Jan 20, 2014
  • Think living a healthy lifestyle is pricey and a huge hassle? Real moms share their easy-peasy get-healthy tips! 

    mom buying from the grocery store

    1. No junk in the house
    “I allow my daughter to eat junk food, but I never buy them, so they’re not our go-to snacks. If I allow junk food in our house, it’s harder to say no when my daughter asks for them. I don’t want to fill her up with empty calories—she won’t eat healthy food anymore because she has already gorged on junk!” — Ines Bautista-Yao, editor; mom to Addie, 5

    2. Channel your inner chef
    “I prefer homemade food simply because I like knowing what I eat. Instead of chocolates for dessert, I bake cupcakes, cake, and muffins. We also make our own marinades and sauces at home. I make homemade bacon and ham. I also introduced my son to snacking on corn on the cob. These little things make a difference.” — Kat Villanueva, designer; mom to Xavi, 10

    3. Get creative
    “I make ice popsies out of fruit juice. I use fresh orange juice because fresh fruit means better immunity and healthier teeth. Apple juice is okay, too, but I still need to put it in a food processor. I’m lucky Bettina loves fruits and vegetables, and she’s not a fan of sweets.” — Kristine Machuca, makeup artist; mom to Bettina, 4

    4. Keep active
    “My son and I spend some bonding time together by heading outdoors with his scooter and my skateboard. I’d rather have him play outside and be physically active than just let him stay inside the house and play with the iPad or other computer games.” — Cuckooh Calsado, makeup artist; mom to Shishio, 6


    5. Nix the bad parts
    “My husband and I have taught the kids to remove fat and skin from meat, especially pork. Now that they are teenagers, they instinctively remove the skin, or if they do eat it, kaunti lang. They know it’s not healthy. It really has to start early. These are very hard habits to break!” — Divina Ong, entrepreneur; mom to Lauren, 19, and Lia, 17

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