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  • 25 Simple Ways to Stay Sane

    Here's how to keep your sanity aboard the roller-coaster ride of parenthood.
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    We all want to know how that put-together mom of three peacefully finishes her meal at a café, all while her kids are busy chatting and fighting for her attention. “How does she do it?” you wonder. Smart Parenting asked these smart, successful, devoted moms how they keep the peace and balance their lives so gracefully. Here’s what they shared.

    “Once a week, usually on a Friday, my husband and I ‘escape’ from our children. Straight from the office, we go on a date—just the two of us, like it was when we were just dating. We drive off to relatively ‘far’ places and enjoy dinner at restaurants we wouldn’t normally go to if the kids were with us. It’s our way of de-stressing from work and parenting—and it is also our way of reconnecting with each other after a
    busy week.”
    — Victoria Alfonso, 38, bank executive, mom to Ines, 10, and Jacobo, 7


    “An ultimate escape from stress is to go away for a three-day weekend, pack up the family and head to the Hamptons— sans iPhone and laptop. Just watching Enzo play in the sand and listening to the sound of the waves seem to take away all the stress of work and parenting.”
    — Anya Torre-Robello, operations manager, mom to Enzo, 4


    “When I get a little overwhelmed, I take a time-out for myself. I lock the bathroom door and play Scrabble on my iPad for 15 minutes or so, till I feel sane again.”
    — Teenee Chan, theater actor, mom to Antonio, 4



    “I clean the house when I am stressed! Decluttering the house makes me think and feel better. It gives me a whole new perspective on things - and a clean house at the same time.
    — Joan Rongo, 43, entrepreneur, mom to Nina, 11, and Alec, 7


    “I treat myself to a salon visit at least once a month or whenever possible. I get a hot-oil treatment
    and have my nails done. The pampering helps me cope with any stress or tension I feel.”
    — Trisha Jalandoni, bakery proprietor, 39, mom to Jomai, 15, and Joaquin, 7


    “Aside from indulging in sweets (chocolates!), I enjoy browsing through the darling photos of my kids or reading some of my journal entries to remind me of how adorable they are! Oftentimes, their antics and funny faces just make me laugh and smile.”
    — Karen Hebron, 38, mom to Isabella, 8, Jaime Luis, 6, and Pio Alejandro, 4


    “To keep me sane despite the demands of parenting and work, I make it a point to hit the gym or go for a swim at least three times a week. It’s my me-time. Working out relieves me of stress. My other guilty pleasure is downloading the latest U.S. TV shows, so every other night my husband and I can catch an
    episode before falling asleep. It’s our bonding time.”
    — Tina Gonzalez, 37, mom to Ariane, 11


    “As a wife and career mom to two growing kids who demand devotion and a 24/7 schedule, I try to beat the stress by being prayerful. As I lift all my worries, problems, and concerns to God, I instantly feel better. I also believe that in order to stay balanced, it is important to be organized and to plan ahead. This way, I still get to enjoy some me-time—and be a better person in the process.”
    — Sarah Sia, mother to Sandro, 11, and Sari, 6


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    “Every morning, I wake up earlier than my kids. I enjoy 20 to 30 minutes of quiet time before the daily rush begins. I use this time to plan my agenda for the day, which then helps me stay focused on what I have to do.”
    — Joey Toledano, 40,jewelry designer, mom to Pablo, 10, and Mario, 6


    “When I start to feel stress and tension building up because of work, or when I need to take a break from being a wife and a mom, I treat myself to some shopping and a cup of java at my favorite café. These recharge me and get me ready for another day of work and mommy duties.”
    — Anna Mel Severino, 36, mom to Gia, 8, Ella, 7, and Lexi, 2


    “Since we live in the heart of the city, I frequently need to escape the confines of apartment living. Thankfully, I have a comfortable office to retreat to, if I do not opt to work from home. For short respites, I call home massage therapists for a one-and-a-half-hour Swedish-shiatsu combo. Also, a gabfest with my best girlfriends is oftentimes the best therapy!”
    — Tanya Deakin, 41, mom to Hannah, 13, and Zach, 8


    “It’s wonderful on any day, but on a day that’s particularly rough, when tempers flare and patience is low, it’s extraordinary. We pick up a book, just one for the four of us—my three monkeys and me. Two pages later, we’re flying! It’s magic.”
    — Denise Santos-Dizon, 36, writer, mom to Agustin, 7, Lucas, 5, and Claudia, 3


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