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  • 4 New Uses for Your Child's Old Playpen

    Here are four great ideas to repurpose them into furniture that will grow with your kids.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
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  • Photo from healthytippingpoint.com

    Playpens, also known as pack-and-plays, have become the popular choice for new parents. Babies can both sleep and play in it as they grow older. But the question is what do you do with it if your toddler has outgrown it, and you're not handing it down to a mom who needs it? Repurpose! These playpen transformations have the right idea on how to make it a furniture that will grow with your toddler.  

    1 Tent bed
    As long as your little one can still comfortably lie down in her playpen, the playpen can still function as a bed, but this time it gets a new life as a tent bed. First, cut out the mesh from one of the sides of the playpen, be extra careful not to rip the seam. Then, pull a fitted sheet over the top to close the opening. Use a mobile to create a pointed middle. Fill with your child’s favorite blanket and pillows. 

    Photo from Pinterest

    You can also drape curtains for an added flair just like this one. 

    Photo from Pinterest

    It can even become like a play tent. 

    Photo from myblessedhome.net

    Look how comfy this little one is!

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    2 Reading nook
    Foster a love of reading in your child with his own reading nook. Similar to the tent bed, cut out the mesh from one side of the playpen and pull a fitted sheet over the top. Make the space more enticing by decorating with throw pillows, stuffed animals, a stack of storybooks and even a small light source, like a portable lamp.  

    Photo from Pinterest

    This already sets the mood for some fairy tale book reading.  

    Photo from Pinterest

    This little one's already making good use out of her repurposed playpen.

    Photo from Pinterest

    We love the jungle theme of this one.

    3  Ball pit
    Children love ball pits. Make your own at home with a playpen. The colorful air-filled plastic balls can be purchased in packs in toy stores and online and are relatively cheap. Buy enough to cover the bottom of the playpen or up until the playpen’s half full with them. 

    Photo from healthytippingpoint.com

    4. Stuffed toy storage
    The amount of stuffed toys a child has can pile up so quickly that soon enough you’ll find that there’s no more room for them. Designate a space specifically for them by turning the old playpen into a stuffed toy storage. You can also use it to store just about anything else that’s lying around on your toddler’s bedroom floor. 

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