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  • 4 Steps to Have a Super Yaya

    Make yaya your wingman in successfully juggling work and home.
    by Tisha C. Bautista .
  • yayaDon’t we all wish we could just snap our fingers like Mary Poppins or wiggle our nose like Samantha in Bewitched and our homes would magically self-clean, self-polish, and self-disinfect? Unfortunately, this fairy-tale scenario can dissipate with the realization that “Prince Charming” doesn’t exist in real life and neither does an instantly efficient household.

    But take heart—“efficient staff” need not remain an oxymoron. Here are some steps that let your house help man the fort when you are busy at the office.

    Step 1: Have the correct attitude.
    Even the seven dwarves lived by the whistle-while-you-work mantra. Love your home and all the work that goes into it. If you lead by example, your staff will surely follow. Many times, the focus of an inefficient household is not results but rather a litany of finger-pointing and regret. This is by no means the foundation of a stress-free home.

    Performing household chores is not an innate gift but rather the result of external training. One cannot expect staffers with no training to perform their duties with the infallibility of Aladdin’s genie. Everything is a give-and-take situation. Once again, as Queen of the House, lead by example.

    Some pointers:
    •    Treat your staff like family (the Filipino value of “malasakit”).
    •    Teach them to have pride in their profession.
    •    Instill in them the desire to learn new things and the humility to accept change.
    •    Teach them to be self-motivated (kusang loob) and praise them accordingly.
    •    Maintain open avenues of communication.
    •    Know the limitations of others and temper your expectations.
    •    Do not be afraid of change, which can sometimes be for the better.
    •    Have faith in each staffer’s potential and it will manifest itself.
    •    Be patient. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is all part of the learning process.



    Click here to learn more steps on how to have a super yaya.

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