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  • 4 Tips on Decorating Your Child's Room

    Heed our tips for a stylish, organized and fun kiddie room.
  • No matter where you live--in a house, a condo or an apartment, these days, you don't need to hire a pro to add that stylish touch to your abode. You can trust your own creative instincts, search for ideas online, or better yet, consult a trusted decor magazine to give you helpful expert advice.

    If you're sprucing up your baby or child's room, there are ways to create a charming, comfy and inviting space while still ensuring that it's organized enough and that there's enough space for storage.

    Here are four tips to get you started:

    1. Make an accent wall.

    accent wall


    Define one corner of the bedroom with a simple accent wall.


    2. Store and display toys.

    store toys

    Use a display case to store, organize and display your child’s book and toy collection.


    3. Use slim shelves.

    slim shelves


    Opt for wall-mounted shelves for your child’s favorite toys.


    4. One color scheme for a shared bedroom

    one color scheme

    For a bedroom shared by two or more children, choose one color scheme to create a simple and clean look.


    To see more kiddie room tips, view the rest of the article on realliving.com.ph. 

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