5 Charming Design Ideas for Kids' Bedrooms
  • A lot of homeowners tend to struggle with decorating rooms for kids, and we can't say we're surprised. After all, there is so much ground to cover: how much floor space should you allot for toy storage? Is there enough room for their essentials? Can you still squeeze in a study area? Don't fret -- with a little inventiveness and a few smart design ideas, you can style a space fit for your kids' needs! Here's how you can get started: 


    1. If you have enough space in the bedroom for a proper play area, don't think twice about going all out. Put up empty frames on the walls and display their artwork or cartoon posters. You can also create a focal point using a teepee and fill it with their well-loved toys. 

     Looking where to buy a teepee? You can order online via Pottly N Tubby's Facebook page.

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    2. You don't need a neighborhood playground to have a fun time. For homes with high ceilings, utilize the extra space by building a slide that lands on the kids' bed. Consider using a brighter color scheme of yellow and blue to keep the youthful vibe going. 


    3. Murals are always a good idea for kids' bedrooms! Aside from adding an interesting element to the decor, it helps younger children practice recognizing colors, too. 

     No need to worry if you're not the artsy type. You can always hire a muralist to help you out.

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    4. Even if you're styling a kids' room, you can still use bespoke materials as long as you're able to commit to its maintenance. For the girls, feel free to invest in a tufted headboard in their favorite color which they can still use as they transition to their teens. Use accessories in similar patterns too add a playful flair. 



    5. Since most kiddie rooms are filled with vibrant colors and prints, you can go the other direction with plain white walls and open shelves. If you want to add life to the space, do it through the decor—accessorize with stuffed animals and toys. 

    Photos by Jun Pinzon, At Maculangan, Miguel Nacianceno, and Marc Jao

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