• To be able to add a personal touch to our home, we're always more than ready to take on simple DIY projects. From creating a gallery wall of family photos to working on a lovely centerpiece for the dining area, we make an effort to squeeze in some DIY time.

    We're sure that when it comes to sprucing up the rooms of the little ones, you're ready to double the fun and effort! If you're giving the rooms of your kids an upgrade soon, here are five easy projects that you can do. These activities aren't just fun as each piece is functional and guaranteed to put a smile on your kids' faces, too:

    Art Display

    diy kids room accent

    Photo from Le Petit Chou Chou

    Encourage your kids to draw more and express their creativity! Install clipboards on one wall of the bedroom. Depending on the color scheme of the room, you may choose to paint the clipboards so that it will match the space. Once done, you can use these to display their finished art projects.


    Alphabet Wall

    diy kids room accent

    Photo from The Love Nerds

    Teach your kids the ABCs in a fun and charming way. Install the letters on the wall and use it to teach your kids the alphabet. To liven up the setup, you can use styrofoam then cover each letter with colorful fabric or paper. You can even paint it with different hues!

    Aside from styrofoam, you can also work with papier mache letters.

    Cloud and Raindrops Wall Accent

    diy kids room accent


    Photo from The Berry

    When changing the diapers and clothes of your new baby, "distract" them with this cute wall accent featuring a cloud and colorful raindrops! You can create one using felt paper, cartolina, and some string. Attach it to the wall using a strong adhesive.

    Scrabble Accent

    diy kids room accent

    Photo from Indulgy via Pinterest

    Introduce scrabble to your kids by livening up one wall using scrabble tiles and their names. Big letters are usually available in craft stores. You may also want to visit Typo (Greenbelt 5) to check for supplies.

    If you want to DIY this project, you can work with illustration board cut in the same size. Use colorful chalks if you're using the chalkboard part. If you prefer the white side, opt for colorful markers.

    Handprints on Canvas

    diy kids room accent


    Photo from Personal Creations via Pinterest

    Create a memento and wall accent in one! Chronicle your child's growing up years by preserving their handprints on canvas. Use different colors for a fun and quirky touch. You can also do this each time they move up in school—from nursery to grade school and so on.

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