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  • 5 Effective Tools in Training and Supervising Your Helpers

    A list of house rules for your yayas’ guidance ensures that you are on the same page.
    by Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag .
  • yaya

    Whatever kind of mom you are - working mom, work-at-home-mom or stay-at-home-mom - I know that you are busy and that having a well-trained helper or helpers would be a big help. I know this to be true because although I’m a stay-at-home-mom, I have a toddler and a newborn to take care of. I also homeschool my eldest son, accept HR projects every now and then, write freelance and serve in ministries on top of my other mommy duties.

    I have discovered and developed ways and tools to make my life less stressful over the years of employing a yaya or a helper in our household. Here are five tools that are effective in instructing, training and supervising them:

    1. Posted House Rules – I learned from experience that it is never wise to assume that because you grew up knowing and observing certain rules of etiquette, others will be observing these same rules as well. I learned this the hard way when my husband and I first hired a helper for our growing family. And I continued to learn as we employed succeeding ones. Thus, I eventually came up with a list of house rules for our yayas’ guidance.  

    Here are some examples.
    • Knock first before entering our bedroom.
    • Ask for permission first before using our things.  
    • Wake up earlier than your employer so you can cook and have their breakfast ready when they wake up.
    • Do not speak in your dialect in the presence of others who can’t understand it.
    • Face the person who is talking to you and make eye contact when being spoken to.
    • Use your cell phone only during your break times.
    • Do not watch TV while doing your chores.
    • Inform your employer and ask permission if you need to go on an emergency day off.

    One of our helpers once broke our dvd player because she used it without our permission and without asking how to use it properly. She also likes using my husband’s music CDs every morning while cleaning the living room, and I would wake up many times to the loud sounds from our stereo. She was the same helper who broke many of our cups and glasses because she kept looking at the TV while washing the dishes. Moreover, there were times when my husband had to wake her up in the morning so she can already cook breakfast before my husband goes to work.

    Then, we had another helper who kept on using her cell phone while ironing the clothes. What shocked me about this helper was that she got angry and raised her voice when I asked her to stop. I had to remind her that she is talking to her employer and that she is in my house; therefore she should obey my rules.

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