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  • 5 Fun Apps That Will Get Your Kids to Do Their Chores

    Your kids may end up volunteering to throw the trash everyday with these chore apps.

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    Saying that it’s difficult to get the kids to do their chores is an understatement. You could have reminded them a few dozen times, put sticky notes around the house and handed them the broom, and still they forget (or intentionally ignore) to do them. So when you're in a bind like this, who else can you call? We present your household chore helpers, a list of apps and websites that can act organize your family’s chores and motivate your kids to actually do them. 

    1 Chore Monster

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    ChoreMonster is one of the most popular chore apps out there, and it's easy to see why. It’s user-friendly, and the interface and design are very appealing to kids. The app gets kids to do their chores using a system based on incentives. A parent assigns them chores (and also tasks like getting ready for school or brushing their teeth) using the moderator user on the app. The kids, logged on as user, can complete their chores and earn points.

    The points can be used for real life rewards (like pocket money or additional screen time) and also in-app rewards which include collectible monsters or digital content, which in the past have included Disney movie clips.  Available for free: desktop, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Kindle Fire and Windows Store

    2 OurHome

    Like Chore Monster, OurHome also uses a points and rewards system. Parents create chores, indicate how many points it’s worth, and assign it to a child or several children. They also set the rewards, 100 points for pocket money or 500 points for a family weekend trip, for example.  The kids complete their chores to earn points and, once they’ve accumulated enough points, get to exchange it for the rewards. 

    The app is sleek, clean and has a minimalist design, great for both younger and older kids. It also has a weekly points target, a feed that shows all the activity going with each family member, a messaging featur, and even a grocery list.  Available for free: Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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    3 You Rule Chores

    To add an element of fun to chores, aside from gaining points and exchanging them for rewards, kids also get to pick an avatar to represent them with You Rule Chores. As the kids do their chores, the avatar level-ups and gains new powers and gadgets. The more chores they do, the cooler their avatar becomes. 

    You Rule also makes turns chores into a weekly competition. The avatars stand on a pedestal that rises higher and higher for every completed chore. A quick glance will show you who’s leading and who’s losing the race.  Available for free: Apple App Store

    4 Chore Pad

    Chore Pad also relies on a points and rewards system. The good thing about this app is that you can sync everything to Dropbox so you don’t have to worry about losing your data. Kids also get to customize their Chore Pad users with themes, colors and photos. There’s also calendar view that provides an overview of the whole week. Plus, the chore icons make everything very visual and easy to understand for little kids.  Available for $4.99: Apple App Store

    5. Lickety Split

    This one’s used mainly to help very young kids to complete simple tasks and chores like getting dressed and cleaning up. Lickety Split is helpful for young children who still cannot grasp the abstract concept of time. It makes it easier for them with the help of music, and audio/visual cues. It will keep your toddler or preschooler focused with the task at hand without the constant nagging from you. 

    Some of the preset timers include getting ready to leave the house, getting dressed, cleaning up and taking turns. You can also create custom timers of your own. Plus, the app is also great tool for whenever you need your child to wait for a certain amount of time (like let you finish taking a bath). Lickety Split Lite available for free: Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Lickety Split (full version) available for $0.99: Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Blackberry App World

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