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  • 5 Ordinary Things at Home that can be Dangerous for Baby

    Are you sure your home is safe for baby? Think again - these 5 items aren't so harmless, after all.
    by Abby Manalang-Villarica .
  • Having a new baby in the house is such an exciting event. There is so much preparation and planning done to make sure that everything is perfect for when the new little bundle comes home. Unfortunately, you can only baby-proof your home so much. The balancing act between having a home conducive for both baby and all the other members of the family is a difficult one to keep, but being aware of things at home that could possibly harm your baby will help in making this possible.

    Here are 5 things at home that can possibly be hazardous to Baby.  

    building blocks

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    Kuya or Ate’s toys
    Babies love to play and interact with their older siblings - especially their toys. Remember though that toys Ate or Kuya like to play with are age-appropriate for them and not Baby. They may be dangerous for Baby to manipulate and play with. Teach the older siblings what toys they can and cannot play with when they are near or with their baby brother or sister. Toys that have small parts, like building blocks or doll sets with small accessories, are a big no-no when Baby is around. Playdough and plushies can also be choking hazards.  

    Also, teach Ate and Kuya to look around and double check if they have packed away all the pieces when they do play with these kinds of toys. Having a stray piece on the floor or on the playmat can lead to medical emergencies, especially when there is a baby around.

    Be very conscious also about hand-me-down toys from when Ate or Kuya was a baby. Yes, they may be age-appropriate for Baby to play with now but make sure that they are still in good condition and will not crack or break and become dangerous after a few times of play.



    House plants
    Houseplants are great because they help in cleaning the air inside the house aside from making the house more pleasant and beautiful. Be conscious though about the plants that you do put in the house and where they are placed. Some plants may be beautiful but can be poisonous if accidentally ingested. Also, since plants (especially flowering ones) usually attract the attention of babies because of their texture and color, be careful about where they are placed. Baby may try to reach for it and cause a lot of damage if they fall.


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