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  • 5 Tips to Keep Your 'Sinampay' Smelling Fresh During the Rainy Season

    Avoid that awful "kulob" smell.
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
5 Tips to Keep Your 'Sinampay' Smelling Fresh During the Rainy Season
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  • Do you know what causes clothes to stink up the most? A recent survey cited by consumer products company Procter and Gamble reveals them to be: vehicle exhaust, cigarette smoke, smoke from burning garbage, sweat and body odor, wet socks, fried fish, barbecue, garlic, onions and, the rainy season enemy, kulob.

    We know the stress of seeing a mounting family laundry pile during the rainy season. Apart from worrying if they’ll dry on time, there’s that awful kulob smell to think about. Doing the laundry can definitely be trickier during these unpredictable rainy days. Here are tips on how to make sure clothes stay far away from that kulob smell:

    1. Keep the washing machine clean. 
    Before you load the washing machine with laundry, make sure it’s clean first. This may be what’s keeping your laundry from smelling fresh. To quickly clean your machine, do a short, water-only cycle and leave the lid open to let the drum air-dry afterwards.

    2. Use fabric conditioner.
    If the sun’s out during laundry day, an absolute must is fabric conditioner. It will keep them from that dreaded kulob smell, and your clothes will come out softer when dried. Add it in during the final rinse of your laundry. We like Downy’s Sunshine Fresh since its specifically designed for rainy days. It wards off that kulob smell and dries clothes quicker even when indoors.

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    3. Wring out as much water as you can.
    The more damp your clothes are, the longer they will take to dry. And because the sun’s not shining, you want as less water on your washed laundry as possible. If your washing machine has a spin dryer feature, make sure to utilize it. If you’re washing by hand, wring out as much water as you possibly can (bring out those muscles!) before hanging the clothes to dry. 

    4. Never leave washed laundry in the machine.
    Trapped moisture is what causes the kulob smell. The washing machine is the perfect place for trapping moisture so leaving washed laundry in it is guaranteed to result in stinky clothes. Take the clothes out as soon as they’re done washing!

    5. Only store fully dry clothes in the closet.
    It’s good to start doing the laundry early in the day as to give them ample time to dry, especially when it’s raining. Folding and placing them in the closet when they’re still dfamp or cold to the touch will only result to stinky clothes. If your laundry is still a little damp at the end of the day, try ironing them using very low heat to give them that final nudge. 

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