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  • 5 Ways to Add More Prayer Into Your Life

    “Prayer is power,” so they say. Here are some ways to enrich your life with that “power” from above.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
  • boy prayingNote: Although this article was written from a Catholic/Christian perspective, the ways described here may be adapted according to one’s own religious beliefs.

    As a Catholic wife and mother of two, and former fulltime lay missionary, I truly believe in the importance of prayer. It can indeed “move mountains,” and yes, based on my personal experience, the family that prays together can even make miracles happen together.


    Even for those who may not consider themselves “spiritual” or “religious,” prayer still is (and should be) a vital part of life that we all should take part in. In fact, many great men and women of history, like Mahatma Gandhi and Blessed Mother Teresa, believed in the importance of prayer, and emphasized that prayer is so much more than asking God for something:

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    Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart. – Mahatma Gandhi

    Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts. – Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    Too often though, we find ourselves making excuses such as, “I’m too busy,” or “I haven’t the time nor energy for that — what with all the things I have to do for the kids,” or, “Praying is just for when we are in Church,” and so on.

    On the contrary though, there are numerous ways we can add more prayer into our lives — even the daily, mundane routines of our every day lives. By doing so, we most probably will come to realize that the saying “Seven days without prayer makes one weak” has some truth to it after all.

    This Holy Week (and beyond), why not try applying these five tips for adding more prayer into your life? You’ll have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, especially “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.” (Galatians 5:22-23)


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