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  • woman eating ice creamHaving a picky-eater for a child can already become challenging, but having one as a yaya can become a real nightmare. Here are some possible reasons for yaya’s diet preferences as well as some tips on how to deal with them.

    1.    Religion:
    Sometimes yaya’s dietary concerns are more religious in nature. Some religions do not allow the consumption of pork or unblessed meat. One has to be respectful of these practices and as much as possible, not impose your beliefs on others. In this case, allow yaya to follow her religious practices.

    2.    Allergies/Health Conditions:
    Being picky can also be a consequence of allergic reactions towards certain foods such as nuts, dairy. Sometimes, it can also be caused by a health condition such as hypertension or diabetes, in which case in would be good to allow yaya to refrain from very sweet or very salty, fatty foods. Should this be the reason for your yaya’s discriminating palate, always keep in mind that as her employer you are also responsible for her welfare. You wouldn’t want her to end up in a hospital because of dietary causes.

    3.    Importance of New Experiences for Personal Growth:
    If yaya’s main reason for being picky with food is the fear or resistance to trying something new --- help her overcome this condition. Explain to her that food is also about learning new things and new ideas. She may not like every dish, but it is important to always try it. You never know, you could be surprised. You must explain to yaya that this natural desire to learn and grow is just as important as the need to eat --- never fear what you do not know. Good things could always lead to new discoveries.



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