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  • organizedProfessional  organizer  Kathleen Ong, Interior Designers Anne Caro and Ardeliza Claveria, and smarties moms help you ease your way to an organized home.


    Ready, get set…

    1. Schedule the deed and stick to it. Do one room or one drawer at a time—just make sure you finish one area first, says Ong.

    2. Establish the mindset.  Prepare to be overwhelmed but remember, if you postpone further, clutter can pile up overnight, shares Ong.

    3. Choose a system. Devise rules to help you decide what to do with an object—and follow them.

    4. Gear up.  Arm yourself with trash bags, boxes, containers and label makers or marker pens to limit trips looking for one and concentrate on your goal.

    5. Focus on the goal.  Watching TV gets you dis-tracted, explains Ong.  Let the machine answer calls and get someone else to answer the door.

    6. Jot them down.  Stuff unearthed from clutter makes you remember tasks you have to do, so write them in a handy notebook and remember to do them after you finish your target area, stresses Ong.


    7. Be comfy.  Mom Jaymie Zalameda-Alviar does it barefoot to make her comfortable.

    8. Tune in.  Fast-paced and upbeat music can help you speed up.


    Down to basics

    9. Sort, sort, sort! Classify and categorize clutter into things to throw, to give away or sell, and to recycle, says Claveria.

    10.  Use dividers to define physical boundaries. “Shoot” things in its space with no worries of mixing them up, adds Claveria.

    11. Place items where you use them.  Strate-gically, seasonings belong near the cooking area and cleaning materials near the sink, explains Ong.

    12. Label it.  Use easy-to-do labels to save time making them, says Ong. 

    13.  Store away things you seldom use. Clothes that you don’t wear, shoes for special occasions, appliances rarely touched should be kept away from areas that are accessed everyday. 

    14.  Keep stuff in such a way that all is easily accessible so that you don’t rummage through everything looking for something, advises Mom Anne Urbana-Fernando.

    15.  If you plan to delay tackling your clutter, contain it.  Provide a defined but temporary space for unsorted things. Regularly schedule time to target your clutter container so as not to accumulate and spread throughout the house.


    Click here to read more decluttering tactics.

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