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  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids

    The same solid ideas that so many adults say helped them lead fulfilling, well-managed, and stress-free lives can now help your kids do well in their responsibilities at home and in school, their hobbies, and their family relationships.
    by Christine Ongpin-Montes .
  • boysAccording to Agnes Ycasiano, clinical psychologist and consultant/facilitator of the Franklin Covey™ seminars in the Philippines, when it comes to teaching kids about self-development and reaching their full potential, value formation is key. Though buzz words like “synergize,” “be proactive,” and “think win-win” may make no sense to kids. kids, Ycasiano believes, “It’s good to learn these things early…and we have to do it ‘inside-out,’” she adds.

    She further emphasizes, “…the seed is already in the child. All we need to do is bring it out of him or her.” After all, being a child at this day and age can be really challenging, and the call for parents to support their kids every step of the way has never been this [strong]. Developing certain habits that can make kids become effective and responsible not only in school but also in the bigger social milieu is important today.”

    What does being “effective” really mean anyway?
    According to Ycasiano, being effective means “being able to get [the desired] results over and over again, not just once. It means hitting the target right on.”

    The principles of the renowned author Stephen Covey in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People stresses that these habits are by people who live their lives to its fullest potential, who believe in themselves, and are passionate about life. These habits, Covey says, should be at the core of everything we do. In the U.S., in fact, these are now integrated into preschool and grade school curricula.

    Covey writes of his experience at A.B. Combs, a North Carolina school that has integrated the 7 Habits in its curriculum: “…all of the students, grades K-5, knew and found ways to practice the 7 Habits. [It] had literally become a way of life for these kids…” This move by the school had a tremendous impact on the students’ academic performance, and when Covey was invited to visit, he observed: “…the feeling there was extraordinary and the attitude of everyone was one of passion for teaching and developing the leader within each child… It was inspiring to catch a glimpse of what these students have—the potential to become in their lives—because of how deeply they believe in themselves and the habits they were acquiring at such   a young age…”

    Joanne Pangan, a Pasig preschool teacher, shares, “I think we can empower children if we teach them these habits. It does sound like a daunting task for parents but it can be done. If you actually think of the possibilities of how these habits can help kids, it’s really so inspiring.”

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