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  • We try our best to make sure our homes are clean every day. But do we have the right tools and products? Here is our roundup of basic tools and cleaning agents to help you keep your home spic and span.


    1. Soft sponges. From soaping up glasses to going over kitchen countertops and bathroom tiles, sponges are essential spot-cleaning tools. Use a soft, shaped sponge for delicate and narrow glass surfaces, and a sponge with an abrasive side to combat grit-covered surfaces. Homelife Sponge, P39.75(4 pcs), True Value.

    2. Hard Surface Cleaner. This particular liquid cleaner has various uses: it can deep-clean hard ceramic or stone surfaces, and polish stainless steel fixtures and surfaces and metal cookware as well. This particular cleaner can also remove hard-water stains on shower walls and doors. Barkeepers Friend Hard Cleanser, P350, True Value.

    3. All-purpose Cleaner. This all-purpose cleaning spray is not only powerful, itâs non-toxic too, so you don't have to rinse it off after spraying -- just wipe it dry. All-natural ingredients corn and coco oil give the cleaner gentle scrubbing and grease-busting properties. Try this on kitchen and dining surfaces. Method Multi-surface Cleaner, P290, True Value.

    4. Scourers. A soft scourer pad has several uses: it can remove grease and encrustations from pots and pans, and it can scrub away grime from hard surfaces and countertops. Have several of these on hand as these get worn out easily. Arix Colored Scouring Pads, P70.75 (10 pcs), True Value.

    5. Bleach. Every professional cleaner worth his salt swears by plain old bleach. Aside from keeping your laundry white, bleach diluted in water can remove mold and mildew from in-between tiles, moss from outdoor surfaces, cleaning plastic cutting boards and kitchen tools, and disinfecting trash cans. Clorox Cleaner and Bleach, P450, True Value.

    6. Air freshener. Once you've deep-cleaned your home, spritz it with a lovely scent for that finishing touch. A dual-purpose disinfectant-deodorizer spray is better, too. Glade Air Freshener and Disinfectant, P111, True Value.

    7. Cleaning brush. Sometimes cleaning rags and sponges won't do the trick. For intensive cleaning jobs or hard-to-bust grime and stains, you just have to go at it with a stiff brush. Get a brush with a handle to protect your hands. Plastic Cleaning Brush, P88, Daiso.

    8. Broom, dustpan, and mop. (Not pictured) A household isn't complete without these three basic tools. Pair them with the products above, and you're good to go!

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