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  • Hiring a Yaya: Agency vs. Referrals

    What’s better? Hiring a yaya from an agency or getting a referral from a friend? Our expert gives us the pros and the cons.
    by Tisha C. Bautista .
  • The prospect of hiring a yaya can be truly daunting. Some people swear by agencies while others swear they will never use one again for as long as they live. The latter go through a more “tedious” route of scouting for referrals by trusted friends. Both can actually yield promising results. Taken from our Good Housekeeping’s the Maid Manual, here are the pros and cons:




    • Agencies have a pool of people and may be able to fill your requirements within a shorter period of time
    • Should the initial staffer not work out, you are entitled to  replacements during a six-month period from your signing the agency contract
    • Reputable agencies already do the legwork with regard to proper NBI clearances, checking past employer referrals, basic medical tests, etc.
    • You can stipulate as to your qualification requirements:
      • Experienced yaya
      • Yaya for Newborns
      • Midwife(Licensed or undergraduate)
      • Nursing Aide/Caregiver
      • Nurse(Board passer or undergraduate)


    • Since agencies can usually fulfill time requirements, you may be “doomed” to make do with their current roster of staffers thereby sacrificing the quality of the staff for the urgency of your need. Waiting periods for agencies often vary from a week to possibly a few months.
    • Additional expenses/office fees:
      • Transportation/”Delivery” Fee:      Php 100 to Php 350
      • Office/Service Fee:                     Php 2,000 to Php 4,000
      • Interview Fee:                            Php 100 to Php 250
      • 20%  advance on the employees salary is charged by agencies
      • Replacement Cost (varies)
      • Any additional medical tests required that are not covered by the basic scope of the Agencies.


    Personal Referrals:


    • You may actually get lucky by being patient and waiting
    • Trust is less of an issue since yayas that are referred are often given the seal of approval by good friends/colleagues
    • No placement fee/office fees are required
    • Usually staffers who do not have the immediate option of jumping from employer to employer are more patient and hardworking
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    • Since your friends are not “under contract” to find staffers for you, your time requirements may not always be met.
    • Replacement for a staffer who did not work out are not guaranteed
    • Conversely, friendships and relationships may be strained should the staffer cause problems or is terminated
    • All desired tests, medical expenses and possible clearances are for your account.

    Obviously, hiring the ideal staffer takes a lot of patience as well as effort. There are no guarantees regardless of whether you are able to procure one through a referral or a reputable agency. Sometimes, perhaps oftentimes, prayer is still the best answer.

    Good luck and keep your fingers crossed!

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