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  • What’s the appropriate day-off schedule for yaya?

    Puzzled over what’s fair and what’s the common practice regarding yaya’s day off? Mom, contributor and author, Tisha C. Bautista explains what you need to consider.
  • calendarQ: When our yaya goes on day-off, what’s the appropriate length of time for her be on day-off and how many days a week? Like, what time is it appropriate for her to leave the house on the day of her day-off?

    A: Wondering about what rules should be applied to yaya’s day off from work can sometimes lead to a quandary. Here are a few tips that can help shed light on the matter. First of all, a “universal rule” for staff days off does not exist. You, as the employer must decide what is equitable and proper in your given situation. Keep in mind that the dignity of work and the value placed on it must be matched by the importance of rest. After all, even God rested on the seventh day.



    Things to Consider Regarding Your Yaya’s Day-off

    Having said that, also be aware of the “requirements” of your household. Is your yaya assigned to a newborn baby? Multiply children? Are you constantly out of the house or is there someone to pinch-hit when needed?

    Apart from the actual responsibilities assigned to your staffer, you must also be aware of schedules. What day would be least affected by an absence of a staffer? Weekends or weekdays? Should days off be set on fixed days a month, or should the days be more flexible? These are questions that need definite answers.

    Once you have ascertained your own needs, it is only fair to figure out what your staffer may need. Think about her current situation. Is she a mother? Is her child in the city or the province? Does she have anyone to care for her child? Is she single? Does she have family in the city—a place to stay overnight—or is she new to the place? Could she possibly get lost or be put in harm’s way if she was made to stay out overnight? What is her maturity level? These are things that are equally important.

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