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5 Dreamlike Celebrity Closets You Can Copy
PHOTO BY @stylebylovemarie_e on Instagram
  • While sturdy cabinets and trusty organizers can help keep our belongings in place, there are still days when we can’t help but dream about spacious rooms filled with floor-to-ceiling shelves, pretty cabinets, and full length mirrors, to boot.

    If you’re planning to create your own walk-in closet, we found five celebrity spaces that can be your pegs. As you scroll down, you’ll notice that these closets go beyond having the right storage must-haves—each highlights the personality of the owner as seen in the pieces on display and the details used to personalize the room, too. Take note of some ideas and how you can apply it in your own nook:

    Anne Curtis

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    If you've been following Anne on Instagram, this room would look familiar. A common spot for her OOTD photos, the walk-in closet features cabinets with glass doors, an island for accessories, and a vanity nook. To personalize the area, a painting spruces up the wall at the far end of the room.


    Just like Anne, you may want to categorize your belongings first before storing them inside shelves and cabinets. Opting for glass display cabinets is also a plus; you get to see what you need at a glance and since it's easily seen, you'll feel motivated to keep it spic-and-span, too! Click here to see more photos and view the complete home tour.

    KC Concepcion


    Look closely and you'll see why KC's shelves are peg-worthy. It has lights that showcase her belongings and neatly-arranged clothes. If you're having your shelves and cabinets customized, consider having pin lights as well. Aside from shining the spotlight on your favorites, these can also add drama and sophistication to your walk-in closet.

    RL Tip: Keep your space from being plain and boring by exploring different wood finishes. Intricate details carved into the cabinet can also give it an old world feel. You can also leave the middle of the room open so you can access the shelves freely. Click here to see more photos and view the complete home tour.

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    Joey Mead King

    Who wouldn't want an entire room dedicated only for shoes? If you love collecting fancy pairs and sturdy boots, take inspiration from international model and TV host Joey Mead King's spacious shoe closet. Aside from the comfy seating piece and patterned area rug, it's the shelf that steals the show. It covers an entire wall, with compartments in varying heights to accommodate different kinds of footwear, from heels and flats, to boots and sandals. Boxes and bags were placed on top to maximize the storage piece.


    Tip: Loved Joey's shoe closet? Get the look by investing in a high-quality freestanding shelf. Visit SB Furniture for options.

    Heart Evangelista

    Without a doubt, Heart's new home is a must-see. From the furniture to the tiniest of details, it's evident that each area was well-thought-out and well-executed by Heart and the Heim Interiors team. Her closet is amazing, with its marble floors, gold accents, and curated must-haves that would have you looking twice. We love how her shoes are grouped by color -- a smart hack if you love collecting pairs, too!

    Adding a touch of whimsy to Heart's special space is the wall finish with hints of fuchsia. For a seamless look, the same material was used on the ceiling.

    The best part about Heart's walk-in closet? Her own fitting nook! It gives the actress a special spot where she can change and try on combos with ease. Since the walk-in closet features gold accents, she also has a special gold ladder that can be used to reach top shelves and compartments.

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    Jennylyn Mercado


    To maximize the space, Jennylyn's walk-in closet is directly connected to the bathroom and vanity area. Aside from making use of precious floor space, it gives her enough room to get ready and prep for work and other events.

    Choosing a neutral color for the cabinets likewise adds an elegant appeal to space while keeping it easy on the eyes.


    Since Jen enjoys triathlon and other outdoor activities, a part of her closet is dedicated to activewear. If you also have hobbies of your own, you may want to allot a section for your gear and must-haves to make it easier for you to grab what you need in a snap. Click here to see more photos and view the complete home tour.


    PHOTOS: Rene Mejia (Anne, KC, and Jennylyn)

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