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  • A Mom’s Summer Check-List: 20 Things you Can Do while School is on Break

    Moms, take advantage of the summer vacation to do these tasks.
    by Emilie N. Lucena .
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    This article was updated on March 8, 2015

    The kids are out from school and you’ve planned their summer activities. But summer is not only all about going on a vacation and scheduling workshops for the kids; it’s also a good time to catch up on errands and to do’s that have been waiting all year on your checklist. Whip out a pen and scan our list to see which of these items you can scribble down on your planner and find time to accomplish this summer.  

    1. Time to do some spring cleaning!
    Get the kids involved in sorting through old clothes and toys. Set aside clothes that need repair. Clothes that have gotten too small can be donated or passed on to younger cousins. The kids can choose which of their toys they do not want anymore and suggest that these be placed in the donation pile.  

    2. Bring your child to the pediatrician for a check-up and get their vaccinations.
    It’s also a good time for their annual flu shots. Find time to also have their eyes checked. If you have boys, you can consider scheduling circumcision, too.  

    3. Have your child’s teeth cleaned and checked.
    A trip to the dentist is a must every six months. Summer is a good time to schedule one of those bi-yearly visits.  

    4. Haircut time!
    While the kids are on break, bring them to the nearby salon or barbershop so they can get a haircut.  

    5. Organize photos into a cool scrapbook.
    Don’t let all your photos go to waste, forgotten and set aside. While memories are still fresh, gather your photos and put together a scrapbook that tells a story of your fun adventures. Digital files can be sent to the local photo shop for printing. The kids will willingly help out and your family will have tons of fun recalling all the details. Share the finished product with family and friends!  

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    6. Create a keepsakes folder.
    Gather all certificates, report cards, artwork and other memorabilia your kids have accumulated during the school year and put them together in a sturdy envelope. It’s good to do this each year and will serve as a great source of memories for your children when they grow up.  

    7. Replenish your school supplies stash.
    Get ahead and start checking your school supplies drawer. Do you still have enough pencils and paper for the upcoming school year? Make sure you have a box of crayons, art paper, glue, notebooks and the basics. Start your school supplies shopping early to avoid the rush.  

    8. Have the car checked.
    Find time to bring the car for a check-up while the kids are at home this summer. Avoid having the car break down when you need it the most, like rushing your child to school for his exams or an important school play.  

    9. Hit the bookstore.
    Get your kids to read this summer so they can develop the love for reading. During the school year, they are usually swamped with homework and do not have the time to read. There are lots of great books for any age that you can buy from second-hand bookstores. Younger readers will love the rhymes and funny stories of Dr. Seuss while older readers will enjoy Geronimo Stilton books, the Diary of the Wimpy Kid series and the 39 Clues adventure books.  

    10. Stock up on medicines and other emergency items.
    Avoid having to take a trip to the pharmacy in the middle of the night to get your child a bottle of paracetamol syrup to ease his rising fever. Make a list of your child’s basic medicines and make sure your bathroom cabinet is well-stocked.  Don’t forget the band-aids.  


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