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  • According to the Law: Pregnant but Unmarried Teacher’s Employment

    How should an educator deal with the possible loss of employment due to termination? How does she defend herself on accusations of immorality? Atty. Cecilia Real shares some advice.
    by Atty. Cecilia L. Real .
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  • pregnant origamiQ: “I am a teacher at a non-sectarian school. I am pregnant but I am not married, although there is no legal impediment to such marriage. Can the school terminate my employment on the grounds of immorality? I am really concerned because I love my work but I may be violating a policy or law. I am confused right now, but I have no intentions yet of marrying. What must I do?” – Confused Teacher of Bataan

    A: Dear Confused Teacher of Bataan, there are several issues in your present situation that you can thresh out one at a time by perhaps answering these guide questions:

    1. What is your priority right now?
    2. What is keeping you from that lawful marriage if that would solve your problem?
    3. Why wait for your employer to terminate you when you can go and talk to your immediate superior for advice?

    At this point, you need someone who can listen to you and help you sort out your answers. The key is accepting the consequences of any decision that you would make.

    Talking to important stakeholders to this situation is very important – your boyfriend, your parents, your immediate superior, and maybe the Head of the School. You need to know their opinion, their thoughts, and their decision. After knowing how others perceive your current situation, you can then take the best option; one that is not prejudicial to you and the baby inside your womb; rather, one that you can be proud of one day.

    Laws define our rights; they also mandate our obligations. At this point in your life, you have the obligation to give the best to the baby in your womb. Think of the baby and I know you will make the best decision.

    Good luck; you have our prayers, too.

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