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  • 8 Air Purifiers You Can Buy For The Home, Starting At P2,450

    Consider it an investment for your family's good health and well-being.
    by Kitty Elicay .
8 Air Purifiers You Can Buy For The Home, Starting At P2,450
  • Recent events like the Taal volcano eruption have made people more conscious about the air quality inside and outside their home. They may not realize it but indoor pollution can also make respiratory symptoms like cough, colds, and allergies, worse and can have a big impact on their family’s health.

    The Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology advised families to use an air purifier when ashfall from the Taal Volcano reached Metro Manila in January 2020. Air purifiers remove particles and other pollutants from indoor air, according to Livestrong. It uses fans to draw in dirty air, filter it, then blow out fresh, healthy, and clean air back into the room.

    8 air purifiers for every budget

    Of course, air purifiers don’t always come cheap. But if you have young kids at home, it can be a worthwhile investment as it can reduce allergens and capture particles that carry viruses and bacteria. Here are eight options you can choose from.

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    Smart Air DIY1.1 Air Purifier

    PHOTO BY courtesy of SmartAir

    One of the things to consider before buying an air purifier is the size of the space you’d like to “clean,” because each model has a different recommended coverage area. The Smart Air DIY1.1 is ideal for areas up to 15sqm, so it’s perfect for bedrooms, offices, or small living rooms. If you want to test how effective air purifiers are but don’t want to spend a lot, you can try this product first.

    Bionaire Air Purifier

    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada

    Air purifiers use a filter to trap dust and particles so that means you’d have to replace the filter every so often to maintain its efficacy. That can add up and put a strain on your budget.

    The good news is that this model has a washable pre-filter (which captures larger particles) so the life cycle of the actual filter is extended. Area coverage is up to 20sqm but it is best for smaller rooms up to 7sqm.

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    Tylr Air Purifier 

    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada

    This Korean brand gets good reviews from S&R members — it has a lot of features so you get your money’s worth. It has a UV-C lamp that can kill germs, viruses, bacteria, and mold, and a HEPA filter that eliminates particles up to 95%. It also has a carbon filter that can absorb formaldehyde, benzene, and other noxious gases. The filters are washable, but if you need a replacement, you’d have to order one from their website.

    Blue Pure 411

    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada

    This model may be small but it packs a punch. If you only need to filter a small room, say 15sqm, product review website Wirecutter says it’s a “solid, inexpensive, and energy-efficient purifier.” Plus, it’s compact, comes in a sleek but colorful design, and have inexpensive replacement filters! What’s not to love?

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    Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier With Mosquito Catcher

    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada

    This purifier will appeal to moms who also need to deal with pesky mosquitoes. The UV light attracts the insects and traps them with a glue sheet located inside the device. It has high-density plasmacluster ions that sanitizes mold, viruses, and allergens, plus it can take on bigger spaces — the recommended coverage area is up to 21sqm.

    Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada

    Moms from our Facebook group Smart Parenting Village recommend this brand. It offers ease of use through its app, which tells you when the filters need replacing. There are also three indicator lights that transform automatically to let you know when particulate matter or dust is the room is high or low, and it will adjust accordingly to purify the air until the quality has improved.

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    UV Care Clean Air 6-In-1 Air Purifier

    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lazada

    UV Care is already a trusted brand when it comes to UV sterilizers and their line of air purifiers does not disappoint. It offers six layers of filtration (washable pre-filter, 99.97% true HEPA filter, activated carbon, photocatalyst filter, UV-C Lamp, and negative ions) with air quality indicators and a coverage area of 30sqm. It also has a child lock so curious babies won't be able to operate it. 

    Air Intellipure Compact

    PHOTO BY courtesy of Air Intellipure

    The price of this air purifier is intimidating, but it claims to trap and eliminate harmful ultrafine particles like viruses, fungi, commercial-grade gas and odors, molds, and bacteria with 40x more efficiency than conventional HEPA filters (it can capture particles that are as small as 0.0007 microns while HEPA filters can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns). For its price, it can already cover a huge space — 500 square feet and below! It's also a brand trusted by Dr. Hayden Kho, who shares the Air Intellipure was able to help with his and his daughter Scarlet Snow's allergic rhinitis and asthma.

    Do you have an air purifier at home? What do you use and why would you recommend it? We'd love to read your comments!



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