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5 Common Mistakes We Make When Shopping for Appliances
  • Just like shopping for new clothes and shoes, sourcing for new appliances can be exciting, too! With smart TVs and high-tech gadgets taking over, we all want to equip the home with the best appliances to make dealing with household chores easier. But just like anything that involves shopping, it’s easy to get carried away. Impressive features, pastel colors, and shiny finishes can instantly captivate us – making us forget what we really need to buy in the first place.

    How many times have you entered an appliance store only to be seduced by the latest kitchen appliance in millennial pink? Do you really need to buy a bladeless fan? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you head out to scout for new home appliances.

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    What are the common mistakes homeowners make when buying appliances?

    Many homeowners are guilty of going for the cute and pretty appliance without looking into its features. Aside from going for the picture-perfect one, there are those who buy on impulse, forget to measure the space where they intend to place the new appliance, or fail to ask questions about maintenance as well.

    1. When buying a new appliance, don’t go with what’s hot or trending.

    Saw the commercial of the new smart TV on your social media feed? How about the refrigerator you can connect to the Wi-Fi? Before joining the bandwagon, ask yourself if you’ll be able to maximize all its features. If at the end of the day you only need basic functions to keep the house running, it’s best to go the practical route and settle for a basic TV or ref that gets the job done.


    2. Don’t forget to measure your space to make sure the new appliance will fit.

    There are homeowners who had to remove doors and work on major renovations just to be able to accommodate an appliance they bought. According to The Kitchn, “you need to exactly know how much room you have to accommodate a new appliance, including how much room you need for the door to actually open. You also need to be sure there’s a way to get your new appliance into your house.”

    Just like how you do it with furniture pieces, don’t forget to measure – not just the space where you plan to put your new ref, oven, or TV, but the appliance you’re eyeing, too. This gives you an idea if the area will end up looking cluttered or not.

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    3. Do your research before going to the appliance store.

    Look up the brand and item you're planning to buy online and you will get thousands of product reviews and comparison of features. Looking up the appliance you plan to buy online gives you an idea of how others are using it and if there are negative feedback, too. Being ready with enough information will enable you to ask questions to the store attendant and look beyond an item’s aesthetics. Remember, just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it can last a lifetime.

    4. Whether you’re buying a small or big appliance, never do it on impulse.

    Anything you buy for the home is an investment. Spend your hard-earned money wisely by purchasing an appliance that you can use and maximize. If you’re buying a new toaster or a dryer just because it’s on sale, it might end up as clutter around your home. Consider replacing faulty appliances and those that went under repairs more than thrice.

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    5. Don’t forget to ask the store attendant about warranty and maintenance.

    If in case you run into problems while using the appliance, it pays to know if it has a warranty included upon purchase. Store attendants are knowledgeable about a product’s features and the store’s special offers in terms of warranty and service so don’t hesitate to ask questions before making a final decision. From fielding questions about how it works to maintaining it properly – these attendants have tips that can help and guide you.

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