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  • B4USurf.org: Internet Safety Educational Website for Parents and Teachers

    Parents now have more resources in their hands to protect their kids from the risks and dangers of the Internet.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • What is B4USurf?
    B4USurf is a web educational and awareness initiative of the Business Software Alliance (BSA) aimed at highlighting the many dangers and security threats faced by children and the youth in general on the Internet. This initiative will help schools, parents and the youth to understand and avoid the many risks they face online. BFUSurf.org is an internet safety educational website designed for parents, teachers, kids and teenagers.

    Through B4USurf, BSA hopes to encourage schools to adopt a curriculum on cyber ethics and cyber safety for students aged 10 to 18 years old, and persuade parents to reinforce the message at home on this important issue.
    What resources are available on the B4USurf educational website?
    The B4USurf website provides a broad range of resources for teachers, parents, kids and teenagers with information, lesson plans, tips on safe online behavior, dangers to guard against them, an online game, self-testing quizzes and downloadable posters for schools and homes.

    Here’s a more detailed rundown on what’s on every section of the site:


    For Teachers

    Detailed Cyberwellness Framework showing teachers how they can incorporate cyber ethics and cyber safety into their classroom lessons

    Sample lesson plans with ready-to-use slides

    Tips on how to teach students to be good cyber citizensInformation on cyber crimeInformation on the law regarding software piracy 

    For Kids and Teenagers

    Information on the risks of file sharing and illegal downloading

    Tips on safe online shopping and how to avoid scams

    Information on the appropriate use of blogs and social networking sites

    Self-test quizzes to help kids and teenagers to learn about copyright and the Internet

    A game to provide a fun way of learning about Internet security

    Pointers on safe surfing 

    For Parents

    Online safety tips

    Tips on monitoring and guiding children when they’re online

    Online software shopping tipsInformation on software piracy and the law

    Pointers on securing their computers from online threats 

    What are some top tips for parents on Internet Safety?
    Tarun Sawney, Senior Director of Anti-Piracy, Asia of the Business Software Alliance (BSA) has these budget friendly tips on Internet safety to share with fellow parents:

    watch now

    Put your computer in a public place in your home so that it’s easier for you to monitor your children’s online usageTrack the websites your children are using. You can easily get software nowadays that allows you to track web usage on your computer.Make sure you set your administrator’s rights on the computer. Make it a mandatory requirement to enter a password before downloading anything online. This is to prevent any Malware or virus from being inadvertently downloaded by your kids.Ensure value-based education on Internet Safety at home. You can’t keep your kids from the Internet. They’ll be exposed to it. However, if they have the right values and the right attitude towards responsible Internet usage and safety, then you’ll be able to have peace of mind. Have a preventive mindset. 
    Click here to read a copy of DepEd Order No. 105 on Internet Safety.
    Click here to read about Windows 7 Internet Parental Controls.

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