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  • Diretso Sampay! 8 Best Automatic Washing Machines, According To Moms

    These are their tried-and-tested brands!
    by Kitty Elicay .
  • They say a mom can only dream of emptying out her laundry baskets, but doing the laundry can be made easier with the right automatic washing machine. But with two types of washing machine — top load (where you load the laundry at the top) and front load (the ones with circular doors at the front) — which ones will give you bang for your buck?

    Mom-recommended automatic washing machines

    On our Facebook community, Smart Parenting Village, one momma shared that she plans to buy a washing machine this month and asked her fellow moms to recommend their top brands. Unsurprisingly, more parents are buying top load washing machines because just like front-loaders, top load washers can clean well, are gentle on clothes, and are efficient when it comes to water and electricity consumption. They also come with a reasonable price tag than front-load types.

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    If you’ve been thinking of getting one or upgrading your washing machine, here are the brands of washing machines that moms swear by:


    Midea FP90LTL085GETMN1 8.5kg Fully Auto Top Load Washer (Php18,095)


    This top load machine offers a one-touch wash—just load your laundry and it will do the work for you.

    One mom shared that she was happy with her Midea washing machine and suggests getting a larger capacity to maximize your laundry days. Another mom suggested looking for a front load type — “Two years na samin and ok naman siya. Tingin ko siya ang pinakamura sa front load washing machines and tipid rin sa kuryente and tubig,” she says. Buy it here.

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    LG T2309VSAM 9kg Top Load Washing Machine (Php21,695)


    This top load machine is an inverter-type so it saves on energy. It also has a smart motion technology, a turbo drum, and 3 pulsators to efficiently clean clothes. It’s on sale from Php24,995.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Robinsons Appliances

    In the comment section, LG came out as the top brand most preferred by moms. They love it because of its durability — many have owned theirs for 3 to 6 years and saying it’s still in great condition! “Laking ginhawa sa paglalaba,” one mom shared. Buy it here.


    Electrolux EWT105WD 10kg Top Load Inverter (Php23,495)


    This is on sale from Php29,995.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Abenson

    Electrolux is another quality brand that is also affordable, according to moms. Non-inverters are cheaper and can go below Php20,000 but the machine above is an inverter-type that offers “air-freshed drying.” It also has a digital countdown indicator, start-delay option, and adjustable feet. Buy it here.

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    Whirlpool LHB902 9kg Fully Auto Top Load, Php20,198


    This model has the stainwash and anti-bacterial option, plus a built-in heater. It’s on sale from Php22,998.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Abenson

    One mom prefers Whirlpool because the type she owns has an anti-bacterial and stainwash function. “Bagay [na] bagay sa may baby at ngayong pandemic,” she shares. Other moms also attested to its durability. Buy it here.

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Abenson

    You may also try another model, Whirlpool LHB1202 12kg Top Load Washer (Php25,598), an inverter-type that offers baby care with hot wash, auto tub clean, and a “quiet comfort technology. Buy it here.

    Samsung WA12F5S7MTF 12kg Fully Auto Top Load Inverter (Php24,998)

    Apart from its wobble technology, this inverter-type top load also has an air-turbo drying system and a foldable glass door. it also offers different modes depending on the type of clothes you’re washing. It’s on sale from Php31,998.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Abenson

    Moms like Samsung because of its wobble pulsator — “parang na-plantsa pa pagkatapos, walang gusot,” shared one mom. It’s also durable. Buy it here.

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    Panasonic NAFS13X7LRM 13.5kg Fully Auto Top Load Washing Machine Inverter (Php27,899)

    This inverter type is good with stains, has a wave pulsator and soft closing lid. It also offers a 144-month warranty for its motor — that’s 12 years!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Abenson

    A lot of moms also prefer Panasonic. “Super tipid sa kuryente at ang bango maglaba,” said one mom. Another said she has been using her machine for 7 years!


    LG F2718HVBV Combo Washer (18kg) & Dryer (10kg)

    Front load washing machines are pricey, but moms swear it's a good investment.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Abenson

    If you have the budget, most moms also shared that choosing a front load washer is a worthwhile investment. Apart from being more energy and water-efficient than top loads, moms also love its “no-stress” features.


    “Super tipid sa detergent and fab con. Cleans our clothes well and 100 percent dry,” one mom says about her LG front load washer (model above). “’Di na ako nag-aalala na amoy kulob o malagyan ng poop ng ibon. Kung ayaw ninyo po na may gusot, pwede kunin pagkatapos ng drying cycle para mainit pa pagfold.”

    Another mom who chose an LG front load inverter said it offers a number of settings like baby care, which is great for newborn clothes. The model above also is a washer and dryer in one, with settings like allergy-care, child lock, and low noise speed control.

    Still choosing between a top load and front load? Click here for our guide.

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