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Mom Made a 'Wooden' Toy Chest Out of a Cardboard Box and Floor Tiles
PHOTO BY Sheila Osmena-Go
  • We love to cheer on moms who take on DIY projects, and we love to feature those that make us go, "Now, why didn't we think of that?" For the moms of the latter, the inspiration comes when you're in a bind, and you need a solution pronto, like what happened to Sheila Osmena-Go, 40, and the toy chest she eventually ended up making.

    “My kids wanted a container for all of their toys so that their room would look orderly. As a mom, I want them to be diligent in keeping their rooms tidy and clutter-free. A toy chest is a way of packing up their toys faster — no need to arrange the toys in a particular way. It’s a win-win situation!” the mom of two told SmartParenting.com.ph via Facebook messenger.

    The only problem was while Sheila was able to buy a toy chest for her daughter, Cadence, she had a hard time looking one for her son, Ethan. That’s when she had an “A-ha!” moment.

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    “I figured if we use the box of my daughter’s toy chest to build a chest using old flooring kept in the attic, it would be a fantastic idea. Aside from cutting costs, it would be great to recycle and repurpose instead,” the licensed real estate broker shared.

    While Sheila, who moved to Manila from Cebu 11 years ago after getting married, isn’t new to DIY creations (she has a home-based cake business), she admits that working on the toy chest was entirely new for her, an experiment that could’ve gone either way. “When it comes to DIY, careful planning is key. When I bake my cakes, I watch a lot of YouTube videos and learn a couple of techniques,” she explains.

    So how did Sheila do it? For starters, she bought wood glue and with the help of her kids and husband, Howard (who is a game developer), they stuck the laminated flooring to the box and, well, hoped for the best. “When the chest was all done, I sat on it, and I was amazed how it became so solid,” she says.


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    Sheila felt there was still something missing in her chest's design. "I went to the kitchen and found some old square coasters that were almost worn out. I thought it would be a good idea to make triangles and glue them on to the sides. My dog had extra collars because he didn't grow that much! I decided to incorporate it into the design as well." 

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    It took Sheila a total of three days to finish her project, but it was worth it. The expensive-looking toy chest looked like it was bought from a furniture store!

    The attention to detail doesn’t come as a surprise since this mom loves to work with her hands. Apart from her cake business, she told us she learned watercolor painting just by watching YouTube!

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    Suffice it to say that Sheila is one creative DIY mama. Just look at her creations:


    Building instead of buying has become second nature for Sheila, but she says everyone can do it, too. “Before throwing anything from the house, think first if you can make something out of it. List it down before you forget that you have those things,” she shares, adding that it’s a good idea to search online on how to refurbish, recycle, or repurpose materials.

    “The first step is always hard, but you save money in the long run. It's also wise to think of ways on how to save the environment and teach your children in the process.”

    We teased Sheila if she had any DIY project coming up, her reply: “I’m contemplating making a small dog house!”


    See more of Sheila's cake creations on her Facebook page.

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