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  • Your Speed-Cleaning Christmas Guide When You're Already Drowning in Chores

    Food and good company are best enjoyed in a clean and organized home
    by Cielo Anne Calzado .
Your Speed-Cleaning Christmas Guide When You're Already Drowning in Chores
PHOTO BY DmitriiSimakov and hyrokova/ISTOCK
  • Feeling tired and overwhelmed with all the holiday-related tasks? You’re not alone! It’s the last weekend before Christmas, and we’re sure you’re cramming all last-minute must-dos in two days. Aside from ticking off items on your to-do list, you might forget one important thing: cleaning the home before enjoying the festivities. We know — it’s not that exciting, but it can be easy.

    Achieve a clean and organized home in no time with these cleaning hacks.

    1. Prep the entryway.

    To keep it spotless, use a cute or quirky doormat where they can wipe off the dirt from the outside. (Never underestimate the power of a cute or quirky doormat to give your guests a warm welcome.) We also have an unpredictable weather so it’s best to have a coat rack for jackets and a bin for umbrellas. A tiny shoe rack that can accommodate wet shoes and where you can prepare dry slippers is a welcome plus.


    2. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes.

    Give your home a good look — from the entryway to the common areas where your guests will stay. What are the things that instantly caught your attention? Is it the dusty center table or the misplaced décor? How about the withering plants in the corner? If it catches your eye, your guests are most likely notice it, too. Take note of these, and make sure you address each accordingly.

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    3. Declutter.

    As much as possible, keep the living area comfy and inviting. Get rid of clutter — old magazines, misplaced accessories, and things that don’t belong in the space must be discarded immediately. Decluttering can make your home look and feel brighter and more spacious, too.

    PHOTO BY DmitriiSimakov/ISTOCK

    4. Wipe your windows.

    Let in natural light and marvel at the beauty of night with clean windows. No deep cleaning needed yet (smoke from firecrackers will result to grime). Simply get rid of dirt and dust to add to the overall appeal of your home.

    5. Dust the surfaces and remove cobwebs.

    Doing last-minute decorations? Make sure you have dust-free surfaces, and there are no cobwebs on the ceiling. Wipe your shelves, coffee tables, and center tables. It’s also a plus if your kitchen countertops and dinner table are spic-and-span, too!

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    6. Prep the dining area.

    Since the dining area is the center of attraction for Noche Buena, make sure there are no unnecessary things on the dining table. Bottles of condiments, bread bins, and other baskets must be kept in the kitchen to make way for your holiday spread. Check the bulbs and lighting pieces as well — no one wants to eat in the dark.

    PHOTO BY hyrokova/ISTOCK

    7. Bring out and clean the tableware in advance.

    All the shopping, cooking, and cleaning can make you forget tiny tasks. To avoid looking for elegant tableware meant for special gatherings, bring these out earlier, and make sure they’re clean. Wash the plates and special pans, polish the silverware, and make sure the glasses are ready to be used for heartfelt holiday toast.


    8. Clean the refrigerator.

    Cleaning the refrigerator doesn’t just refer to wiping the doors and shelves — you need to get rid of expired food and make space for leftovers and Christmas goodies, too. Don’t forget to check the freezer. We’re sure you’ll have tons of drinks and treats that are best served chilled.

    9. Turn your bathroom into a hotel-like space.

    Since guests will be using your powder room a lot, make sure it’s clean, and there is a lot of toilet paper. And, yes, splurge on the deodorizers and bathroom sprays. On the counter, have a tray filled with hand soaps, sanitizers, and more tissue. Don’t forget to place a trash bin as well. Reading materials are also welcome.

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    10. Prepare a big Christmas trash box.

    We’re all used to using those big black plastic trash bags. Make it extra special this year by recycling an old big box instead. Wrap it in colorful paper, pages from old magazines, or even a Christmas wrapper! Line the box with plastic, and use it to dispose all your trash.


    Sources: BHG | House Beautiful | The Happy House Cleaning

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