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4 Steps To Encourage Your Kids To Declutter Their Toys
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  • After the holiday season, did you notice how the toys in your kids’ play area seem to have multiplied overnight? If only for that, it's a good idea to start decluttering your home. It might be a struggle in the beginning, but following these easy steps can help you to positively set aside their old and unused toys.

    1. Group the same toys together.

    Gather all their toys in one place and let your kids help in sorting them according to type. When done, they'll be able to see how many items are alike or of the same kind. This will also help them decide which toy is their favorite among the same ones. Keep in mind that broken toys must be discarded because they might not be safe to played with. You can also prepare additional boxes for donation and label them as such.   

    2. Set a limit.

    Once everything is organized (check out how actress Aubrey Miles does it), you can now set a maximum number of toys to keep, so the rest can be given up. One effective way to go through this is to tell the kids that if they want a new toy, they must give up one in exchange. If your kids seem to be unwilling at first, try rephrasing your question and simply ask instead which one is the most important for them to keep. 

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    3. Talk about donating.

    Most of the kids might be reluctant about the thought of donating. However, communicating openly and choosing the words wisely are important so they would understand and be encouraged. Instead of saying “If you do not keep them, I am going to give them to other kids”, you can explain, “Why don’t we give some of your old toys to other kids who don’t have any toys to play with?” 


    4. Make it a habit.

    Teaching your child about giving up unused and old toys early on will definitely yield better results than if you wait until later. It will be easier for them to make decisions and they are less likely to show resistance. You can start by incorporating decluttering activities in different occasions such as before Christmas for gift giving, or on your child's birthday. This will help them realize that giving up toys is far different from throwing it away.

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