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  • For many Filipina women, employing the services of a nanny is practically a given. Many mothers have two or three! But times are changing, and with the rise in popularity of the stay-at-home mom, the need for a yaya has become, well, less of a need. This then, begs the question, do you really need a yaya?
    Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

    1. Can you afford it? Most experienced yayas can command a pretty hefty starting salary. If the rate of an experienced yaya is too much for you, for a lower rate, you could opt to hire a nanny without any experience. However, you might end up not ever being able to trust her with your child (because of her inexperience), thus defeating the purpose of hiring help. 

    2. Do you plan to have her watch your child even if you’re around? If you are self-employed and can dictate your hours, then you do not need to hire full-time help. You could spend the day caring for your child and enlist the help of a trusted relative when you need to go out. However, if you are part of the corporate grind, then you will most probably need to hire a professional caregiver to watch your child. 

    3. Are you comfortable leaving your child with, admittedly, a total stranger? If leaving your child in the care of an individual aside from a family member is something that makes you uneasy, then hiring a yaya might not be the best choice for you.

    The verdict? Barring any physical impediment or job limitations, there really is no need to employ the services of a professional caregiver if you want to go that route. Times are really changing, and with the boom of pre-schools that offer programs for the very young (some accept 18-month old children), parents now have numerous resources to tap into in assisting them with the care of their child.

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