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8 Things You Shouldn't Keep in the Bathroom (#4 Will Surprise You!)
  • Even if we have a small bathroom, we always find a way to store a ton of belongings under the sink or on an overhead shelf. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the bathroom ends up cluttered – it doubles as storage for towels, extra toiletries, and other essentials. But did you know that there are certain items you shouldn’t keep in the T&B?

    According to an article by The Spruce, “you want to keep this area as serene and as organized as possible to get you in and out as quickly as possible on a busy weekday morning. It could also be a hazard to have a lot of extra stuff hanging around your bathroom.”

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    Here are 8 items that’s best kept in your bedroom or in your common storage area

    There are items you shouldn’t keep in the bathroom as the changing temperatures in the space might ruin or affect your personal belongings.

    1. Jewelry

    You don’t want to accidentally drop your favorite earrings in the toilet, right? Tiny accessories get misplaced easily, so it’s best to keep them in a jewelry box you can place on your side table or dresser.

    According to an article by Reader’s Digest, “the humidity from your bathroom can make jewelry tarnish more quickly than normal, especially when it comes to sterling silver.” Aside from keeping your precious collection in a jewelry box, it’s best to make sure you store it in a cool, dry place.


    2. Medication

    Your prescription drugs and over-the-counter pills are best best kept in your first-aid kit or in an accessible spot in your home. Why then are medicine cabinets placed in the bathroom? Many use it to keep their toiletries. Good Housekeeping says, “Your prescription should stay far away from moisture and at room temperature.” In fact, in a feature on ABC News, pharmacists say the medicine cabinet is the worst place to store medications! Aside from losing its effectiveness, storing them in the wrong place may cause them to be “harmful if its chemistry has changed.”

    3. Bath linen

    Believe it or not, towels and bathrobes do not belong in the T&B! The reason? Moisture in the bathroom instantly turn it into a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Aside from having an exhaust fan in the bathroom, it’s also best to air it out after every use. Your bathrobes can be hung outside to dry or on a hook you can install at the back of your bedroom door.

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    4. Toothbrushes

    Yes, we do brush out teeth in the bathroom, but keeping it in the T&B is a big no-no, at least according to Reader’s Digest article. It pointed to a 2012 study conducted by Manchester University, which found that a toothbrush houses over 10 million bacteria! “A portion of that comes from fecal matter that’s sprayed around the room every time you flush the toilet,” the article explains. The solution? Rinse your toothbrush after every use and let it air dry before keeping it...somewhere else (maybe in your bedroom?).

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    5. Electronics

    Phones, tablets, and speakers don’t have a space in the bathroom. Invest in waterproof speakers and gadgets to make sure these don’t get damaged. Fond of bringing your phone in the bathroom every time nature calls? Perhaps this article will convince you to stop the habit.

    6. Books

    Aside from reading the newspaper, many of us bring books inside the T&B when it’s time to sit on the throne. As much as possible, avoid doing this as reading materials tend to absorb moisture causing “wrinkled pages and deteriorating binding.”

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    7. Makeup

    It’s easy to get ready in the morning when you have everything within reach but it’s best not to keep your makeup products in the bathroom, too. According to Reader’s Digest, doing so “exposes them to a lot of unwanted heat and moisture, which allows mold and other bacteria to spread and make your makeup go bad faster.”

    8. Extra razors

    If you have kids at home, extra razors and other sharp objects must be kept out of reach to avoid accidents. Good Housekeeping suggests keeping razors in another area of the home “to avoid the steam and humidity, dulling or rusting them prematurely.” Make sure you dry your razors in between uses, too.

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